"Working with CVA students it is obvious that the Academy is focusing on the right outcomes. Specifically, how to balance the demands and necessities of life while living with others and developing deep and meaningful relationships. In my opinion, the art of living.”  Jacob Urban, Owner of Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute

"Being at CVA with a group of athletes with the goal of making the U.S. Ski Team pushed us all to work harder on the mountain and in the classroom. The small school setting was such a great environment for one-on-one interaction with coaches and teachers." Kirsten Clark '95 three time Olympian

"There is no other school I would ever consider sending my son away to in order to have as much care, concern, quality effort made on every level as he receives at CVA. The excellence goes way beyond the successful coaching, grades, or education in classes. There's a real commitment almost universally to help above and beyond what is expected. If the efforts of the faculty were rewarded in dollar amounts, they would all be wealthy. But our wealth comes in even better units. The graduates or any who had a chance to be a part of this school have gained things invaluable tools in preparing themselves for future endeavors. Thank you!!!" CVA Parent

"I was only at CVA for four years but the time I spent here really shaped me into the snowboarder and person that I am today. I changed so much while I was here. I came as a fourteen year old, weak kid - an unknown snowboarder. I traveled the world training and competing and left competing on World Cup tours. So I look back and it blows me away how much I accomplished in such a little amount of time. In general my CVA experience made me stronger and tougher and it set me up so I was prepared for any experience on or off the hill. I just had a confidence knowing that I could handle anything because the day-in-day-out routine at CVA is pretty gnarly." Jeremy Jones '93, seven time Best Big Mountain Snowboarder of the Year and CEO of Protect our Winters

"Without CVA I would not be in the position that I am in today. Besides helping me qualify for the national team, CVA has prepared me for college extremely well. Also, having been involved with the sport of freestyle skiing for many years now, I can state with confidence that there is no other program in the U.S. that runs its teams with as much knowledge or athlete support as CVA. However, I feel that the skiers this school has produced over the years speaks for itself." Dave DiGravio '05, U.S. Ski Team - Moguls, Westminster College

"My son came home from school in April and the first words from his mouth were "I love my school". I have never heard those words in all of his previous 10 years of education. He has worked harder this past year than ever in his lifetime, at both sports and academics. He has done well in both. I am proud of him and thankful to CVA. I know he is in the right place." CVA Parent

"One of the most unique things for me about CVA was being in an environment where you're just pursuing your passions all the time surrounded by so many motivated individuals that are doing the same thing." Seth Wescott '94 Olympic Gold Medalist

"CVA allowed me to balance my learning in school with traveling and competing around the world with the U.S. Ski Team. The teachers were always willing to work with me. CVA allowed me to grow as a person. There is no other way that I could have achieved all I did without CVA." Forest Carey '94, U.S. Ski Team and Middlebury College

"CVA was so much more than a school to me, it was like a home. The faculty and students became a part of my family; they supported me and helped me to achieve my academic and athletic goals. The friends that I made at CVA are forever and the memories are priceless." Emily Cook '97, three time Olympian

"I had the best times of my life at CVA. CVA teaches you to perform under pressure, to be self-reliant, diligent, and independent. You learn to work hard, and play hard." Renee Thibodeau '03 Valedictorian and Whitman College

"I am a person who sets my sights high and always strives to achieve success in every aspect of my life. CVA gave me the confidence and know-how to be successful on and off the mountain. Without CVA, my path would not be nearly as exciting and fulfilling." Adam Hostetter '93, Olympian

"CVA was a turning point in my life. I arrived there from the protection of my home and learned how to be an adult. I got the opportunity to chase my dreams and to separate myself from the norm. Through CVA I found the life I love." Mark Fawcett '90, Olympian and current Canadian National Team coach

"Through his journey at CVA our son has learned to be responsible for himself, deal with and lead people, take risks, advocate for himself, travel the world, and make decisions on his own. The lessons learned at CVA are not about the sport so much, but more about the journey of maturing and taking responsibility for oneself and one's actions. The lesson of self avocation is tremendous and is at the very core of what the CVA experience is all about. All of the kids walk away with so much confidence, which in today's world seems sorely lacking. When we look at our son we know with certainty he would not be who he is today had he not gone to CVA!" Alpine Parent

"As I continue down the road of life, I am stronger at every turn because of my membership in the CVA community. I am stronger for the friends I made, the lessons I learned, and the ethic I developed and for that, I am both proud and thankful to be considered a member of the CVA community." Thomas Holden '93 and a three time Academic All American and Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Massachusetts and Boston College Law School

"CVA prepared me for excelling through all facets of life. The time-management skills and work ethic have been invaluable in my career. The learnings I took from ski racing - competition, dedication, hard work - are all key elements of success in all facets of life." Greg Tobias '88 University of Alaska and Harvard School of Business

"One thing that we've really loved about CVA is the travel and "business" experiences our son has had as a result of this sport. Travel to France, Switzerland, Chile, Japan, not to mention Canada and all over the US. He thinks nothing of driving from Breckenridge to Sun Valley or Squaw Valley or Mt Hood. More important has been learning how to get around in all sorts of places, make arrangements, and then make adjustments, and more adjustments; as well as learning about other cultures, etc. And then there's also being something of a business entrepreneur. Developing, managing and negotiating relationships with sponsors is such a learning for these young men and women." CVA Parent

"The camaraderie was what I enjoyed most about CVA. As much as you were alone in your skiing or working towards your goals, you were part of a family. Thinking back, it was the best experience I ever had." Chris Denny '87

"I think that the CVA program is unbelievable. First of all because the kids get a great education. I'm very fond of that. There are many good athletes that come from CVA. Bode Miller is probably one of the best athletes in the world right now... He owes a lot to CVA, quite frankly, in the discipline that the Academy show him...he has tons of ability. The education that he was brought up with at CVA has been a big factor in his development." Bob Beattie, broadcast legend, ski industry commentator

"What makes CVA so unique? First impressions of CVA are the friendly gatherings in the lobby as you enter the building. The lobby is the heart of the school and you can learn a lot by observing the energy and camaraderie of the students as they prepare for classes or leave for competitions." CVA Parent

This is readily observable behavior, but more difficult to detect is what lies under the surface to motivate CVA students to become "the best that they can be." This code, which is promoted by CVA faculty and coaches alike, is one of the most unique aspects of CVA. Making this concept work takes an experienced staff lead by a dedicated headmaster who, together, provide an atmosphere that promotes a well rounded lifestyle which encourages personal and community responsibility. The faculty recognizes the importance of athletic goals and works overtime to work with the rigorous schedule of competitors on the road. Coaches understand the importance of academics and encourage their athletes to use their time wisely when away from the classroom. CVA provides a family-like structure for students to grow and develop. High expectations and positive feedback are key components of this structure where students are encouraged to understand themselves as well as their academic subjects. CVA supports and celebrates each individuals' willingness to explore and expand their own uniqueness." CVA Parent 

We have seen our son thrive in this atmosphere, encouraged and challenged to stretch to his outer limits both physically and intellectually. We have never had a moments regret that our son chose to go to CVA. He is being prepared to meet the world with a confidence which could only come from growing up in this very special place." CVA Parent

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