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Dear Friends,

In 1982 the founders of Carrabassett Valley Academy envisioned a school and a community that would rise to excellence. They knew that if they focused on a student’s passion for winter sports and built the school on a foundation of values and organizational strength to support those students, top performance would follow. They were right. Steadfast dedication to our mission and values has led to CVA being recognized by the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) as both the 2016 Club of the Year and the Snowboarding Club of the Year. This is the first time CVA has received either of these prestigious awards. CVA is only the third eastern program to receive the Club of the Year Award since 1998. For a small hard-working school nestled in the western mountains of Maine, it is a proud and humble moment in our history. Congratulations to the entire CVA community!  

These awards were presented to CVA in recognition of outstanding organizational and athletic performance while representing the vision and mission of USSA, and  they signify that CVA stands above all other clubs in the country by building strong and successful programs in alpine racing, snowboard, ski cross and freestyle. They also recognize the extraordinary relationships with our key partners: The Sugarloaf Ski Club, Sugarloaf Resort and the Town of Carrabassett Valley.   

Above all, CVA received these awards because we share USSA’s values. We believe that personal growth, satisfaction and achievement follow when one lives the values of civility, respect, gratitude and commitment.  

Another milestone celebrated this fall was the completion and grand opening of the Bill & Joan Alfond Competition Center at Sugarloaf Mountain. This state-of-the-art venue will stand as a keystone in downhill athletics for this region, and beyond. Within the new center, every level of competitive skiing and snowboarding, as well as their associated governing bodies are represented—an association that is truly unique in the industry.  

Athletes of all ages, from USSA, USASA, NCAA, USCSA, FIS, and more will be welcomed and supported in the new facility. CVA is tremendously grateful for the partnerships that made this facility possible.


Kate Punderson

Head of School 

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