The Alpine Leadership Pursuits for Skiers and Snowboarders (ALPS) program will give you the skills and experience you need to excel on the toughest of mountains. Whether your focus is backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, or big mountain skiing, the ALPS program allows you to travel to amazing locations around the world to train. Students obtain a wide range of skills that reach far beyond the realm of athletics. 

ALPS participants gain experience and certifications in:

  • wilderness medicine
  • snow science
  • orienteering 

Members of the ALPS program gain a truly unique type of life experience from being exposed to the diverse cultures and environments of the world’s mountains. 

2016-17 ALPS TRIPS

Below are the trips that are tentatively planned for the upcoming school year:

November: Roadtrip to Seneca Rocks, West Virginia and Red River Gorge, Kentucky for an introduction to rope skills, technical climbing, mountain biking, backcountry camping, and team work.

December: Tetons, WY for backcountry touring while learning about snow science topics and earning the Avalanche 1 course certificate

February:  French Alps trip

March: Chic Choc Mountains, Gaspe Penisula, Quebec 

Winter weekends: depending on snow conditions and major trip timing we may venture away from Sugarloaf on select winter weekends to take advantage of the many skiing and winter adventure opportunities in Quebec, NH, and VT.


  • Expand opportunities for student leadership. Valuable learning experiences come from assuming, or attempting to assume, leadership roles in appropriate situations
  • Establish a collaborative team project. The project will be up to the team but potential examples are a blog, a media project, adopting a trail.



Program Director Patrick Scanlan bring years of experience to the position ranging from backcountry and big mountain skiing, ski mountaineering, rockclimbing, and adventure travel. Patrick is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire where he earned a dual-degree in Kinesiology and Outdoor Education and Environmental Conservation. Previously, Patrick has worked at the Appalachian Mountain Club as a backcountry site manager in Tuckerman Ravine where he worked and mentored with US Forest Service avalanche specialists to build his knowledge and experience in snow science, mountain rescue, and risk management. Patrick's  industry certifications and trainings include: American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor, SOLO Wilderness First Responder, AIARE Level II, MWAC  Avalanche Rescue Course, and Leave No Trace Trainer. 



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