The Art Department at Carrabassett Valley Academy offers students a chance to cultivate their artistic skills and creativity in the midst of a rigorous schedule driven by the quest for excellence in academics and athletics. The infinite nature of art permeates all aspects of our lives and needs to be fostered and recognized. The arts program gives the students a structured opportunity to do this through investigation, experimentation, risk taking and discovery. Individual artistic or musical visions are refined. They will recognize the important influence of the arts on our daily lives and that everyone has the ability to be an artist. Some courses are taken independently to accommodate a particular student’s needs or schedule. The arts experience is supported by the use of technology and thoughtfully designed travel assignments that allow student-athletes to meet course objectives when they are away from the classroom for athletic contests and training.

Middle School Art

Provides opportunities for students to create a wide variety of work while utilizing various materials and resources. Students will be introduced to relevant artists, styles and will learn to compare, analyze, evaluate and discuss their own work as well as the work of others. Through individual and group projects, they will have many two and three dimensional experiences which will reinforce new techniques and skills they have learned.

Introduction to Art

Introduces the student to the basic elements and principles of art and design through a combination of skill building assignments using a variety of artistic mediums. Students will be introduced to contemporary and historical artists as well as different art styles and will create their own artistic works with what they have gleaned.

Studio Art

Emphasizes the development of individual style through the exploration of different techniques, viewpoints and a variety of mediums. A deeper understanding of the principles and elements of art and design and the skill of seeing two and three dimensionally will be strengthened by creative problem solving and innovative art challenges.


A year-long exploration of the medium. CVA photography students will learn how to be proficient both technically and artistically. The experience is exclusively hands-on with brief lectures introducing the weekly topics. All genres of photography are experienced, and students learn proper equipment techniques and light awareness. Along with learning how to capture the images, photography students will become fluent in the use of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop - the industry standard for professional post production. By the end of the course, students will develop their own style and be comfortable expressing themselves artistically through photography.


The music program at CVA is designed to be a casual collaboration for those looking to play and learn more about music. The group will enjoy using CVA’s dedicated music room to play and learn new songs together, experiment with different instruments, learn about setting up and using live sound equipment, learn about recording, and have the opportunity to play live for the school a few times per year. 


Music will meet once or twice per week during the fall and spring terms. This will happen at a time that is agreed upon by everyone interested in joining. 


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