We are a leader in delivering a comprehensive academic program that enables students to obtain a traditional college preparatory academic education while pursuing their athletic aspirations. 

Below are shown two course progressions (Standard and Most Rigorous). Some students follow the Standard progression, some follow the Most Rigorous, and some students do a blend of these two course progressions. CVA's academic team, college counselor, student, and family work together to determine the most appropriate course progression for each student based on academic achievement, maturity, and college aspirations. The goal is for students to create their strongest high school resume, so when type graduate, they have the most post-secondary academic and athletic choices.

It is important to note that admission requirements for different colleges vary widely and may require additional credits in certain areas above and beyond CVA standard graduation requirements. However, CVA's more rigorous course progression provides ample opportunity to satisfy the admission requirements of even the most selective colleges. We have excellent college placement with most students being accepted to their first choice.   



*Honors option is available and may be recommended



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