Academic Assistance

Carrabassett Valley Academy values the student-teacher relationship as it develops within the classroom. In most cases, the academic support a student-athlete requires in the course of his or her scholastic career at CVA will take place in this setting. Circumstances arise, nonetheless, in which students require assistance in addition to the support that a teacher, in a given course, can routinely provide. The Academic Assistance Program allows time above and beyond a student-athlete’s daily schedule to further build content and/or skills. There is an additional fee for this program.

Student meetings with academic assistants cover:
  • A weekly documented grade check-in and progress report
  • Help with current academic concepts
  • Assistance in ‘active’ studying techniques for assessments
  • Tips for staying organized both at CVA and while traveling
Academic assistance tutors are chosen to fit a particular students needs as best as possible, targeting areas of their own expertise. In addition, they are kept informed of any news regarding their student from weekly teachers’ meetings and in turn, keep lines of communication going between the student, teachers, parents, coaches, and advisor. Student/assistance meeting times occur weekly and are often chosen to occur during a student’s free period though alternative meeting times are sometimes advantages based on the situation (during study hall, after lunch, etc.).

While one of the goals of the CVA education is for students to gain autonomy and independent thinking through learning while traveling and competing, the academic assistance program is in place to help students move in that direction. The number of meeting hours a week are flexible and may be reviewed or changed throughout the year. 


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