Upcoming Events

2014 Fall Family Weekend


Friday, October 10th    
1:00–4:00 PM Parent / Athletic Program Director Conferences CVA Academic Center 
  Mike Savage, Ian Hubbard Mike Mallon, Nate McKenzie  at King Cummings Campus
  (Appointments required – see below)  
1:00–4:00 PM Registration CVA Academic Center Lobby
    at King Cummings Campus
4:30–5:30 PM Cross Fit Challenge – for Student-Athletes and Parents Fremont-Smith Field 
  Weather Permitting at King Cummings Campus
5:30–8:00 PM Used Sports Equipment Sale – Item Drop-Off Anti-Gravity Complex
6:00–6:45 PM Dinner for Parents and Students- All invited! CVA Dining Room
  No Charge for dinner, please RSVP by Wednesday, Oct. 8th  at the Capricorn Building
  Click here to RSVP and sign up for conferences.  
7:30–9:00 PM CVA Parents’ Gathering – Join fellow CVA parents for light   6096 Village on the Green
  fare and good cheer at the home of Sam & Kate Punderson.  Carrabassett Valley
Saturday, October 11th    
7:30–8:30 AM Breakfast - All invited! CVA Atrium 
    at King Cummings Campus 
7:30–11:45 AM Registration CVA Academic Center Lobby
    at King Cummings Campus 
8:00–10:00 AM Used Sports Equipment Sale–Item Drop-Off Anti-Gravity Complex
8:00 AM–12:00 PM Parent Conferences with Teachers  CVA Academic Center 
  (Appointments required – see below) at King Cummings Campus 
9:00 AM–5:00 PM  Tours of the King Cummings Campus – Please call King Cummings Campus
  Kate O’Halloran for an appointment 207-314-5230  
  Tours also available Sunday 9 AM – Noon by appointment  
10:00 AM –2:30 PM CVA Used Sports Equipment Sale Anti-Gravity Complex
11:00 AM –12:30 PM Lunch - All invited! CVA Dining Room 
    at the Capricorn Building
12:15 PM Update from the Head of School and  CVA Dining Room 
  Parent Support Organization (PSO) Meeting at the Capricorn Building
1:00–2:00 PM Parent / Coach Conferences –  Ian Hubbard, Mike Mallon CVA Academic Center 
  Nate McKenzie (Appointments required – see below) at King Cummings Campus
5:00 PM Fall Break Begins – Dorm closed until 2 pm on Wednesday, October 15.
  Boarding Students Return by 9:00 PM on Wednesday, October 15.




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