Alpine Bridge Tutorial Program


The objective of this program is to provide a bridge for the 6th , 7th, and 8th grade athlete from a weekend training program to a full-time program.  This is a chance for athletes to integrate into the CVA community and experience a full-time coaching staff committed to providing the opportunity for an athlete to be the best they can be. The intention of this program is to assist athletes and families in the transition from a weekend program to a 5 month winter term or a full year commitment to CVA.

We have created two sessions. The first session is in December and it focuses on fundamentals and provides an opportunity for aspiring athletes to get more miles on snow early in the season before the competitions begin. The second session is in March and provides the opportunity for athletes to prepare for post-season events.

The Bridge program is currently only available for alpine racer student-athletes.

How it works

Bridge Program athletes become fully immersed in the CVA community. They train during CVA training time, Monday through Friday, with our full-time U14 staff. They bring their academic work from their schools and are supported by CVA’s tutors during the academic blocks. They will have a chance to socialize and feel what it is like to be a CVA Big Dog.

Boarding in CVA’s dorm is available for 8th graders. Boarding dates for session one are from December 1-18th. Athletes move out after training on December 19th as the CVA dodrm closes for vacation.  Students must become day students from December 29-January 2. Students in the younger grades must be day students.


Session 1 :  December 1, 2014- January 2, 2015

December 1-19: Training and academic blocks are Monday-Friday; weekends are rest and recovery

December 20-28: vacation

December 29- Jan. 2: training blocks only

Session 2:   March 2 – March 15, 2015

March 2-13: Training and academic blocks Monday-Friday; rest and recovery on weekends

March 12-15: Year-end championships or training with CVA and the CVA Weekend Program

An athlete may sign up for one or both sessions.


Session 1:  Day $4,700. Boarding $5,900

Session 2:  Day $2,500. Boarding $3,100


Financial aid is available. 

For more information contact Andy Willihan at | 207-237-4484


3197 Carrabassett Drive
Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947


Fax: 207.237.2213