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Research shows, that when students are actively involved in classroom dialogue and course content, they are more successful and retain more information. They are more willing to learn. In conjuction with CVA’s new IPad program, the apps described below have been added to promote student independence, support individual student’s learning styles, and increase the effectiveness of academics on the road when an athlete is traveling.
This is a nifty app that gives the teacher the ability to gauge how students are doing as the class is being taught. The teacher has instant knowledge of who understands the material and who isn’t. So there is an immediate assessment of how to help each student. This app allows teachers to be more timely and to also add tools very quickly to support the learning needs of the students.
In today’s environment it is not enough to learn how to read, you have to know how to interact with the content. The Subtext app gives students the ability to comment and react online to text. Students can highlight content and take notes with the teacher immediately viewing the student’s discussion. Additionally, the content can be read to the student if they choose.
The Ebackpack app changes the workflow like this: 1) The teacher creates content and assigns work on the iPad. 2) The student accesses the assignments and completes them all on the iPad. The benefit of this change in workflow is that it allows the teacher to understand a student’s progress and learning, and give immediate feedback. Additionally, it will aid in keeping students and teachers organized, funneling homework into one system.


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