2014 Academic Awards 


Wyatt McDermott English 8
Devon Garber English 8 Most Improved
Nicholas Beliveau English 9
Devon Garber English 9 Most Improved
Bianca Marcello English 10
Abigail Zagnoli English 10 Most Improved
Elizabeth Mutina English 11
Austin Manley-O’Brien English 11 Most Improved
Khadijah Mirzan English 12
Czari Cochrane English 12 Most Improved


Lee Foden Business Economics
Wyatt McDermott Algebra I
Ethan Collett Geometry
Andrew Dobson Geometry
Bianca Marcello Algebra II
MacKenzie Carr Algebra II
Tommaso Levi Pre-Calculus
Erica Jenson Pre-Calculus
Khadijah Mirzan Calculus


Oliver Temple Physical Science Most Improved
Devon Garber Earth Science
Madeline Chamberlin Environmental Science
Grant Erickson Chemistry Most Improved
Madeline Chamberlin Honors Chemistry
Bianca Marcello Honors Biology
Khadijah Mirzan Honors Biology II
Liam Bechtel Honors Physics


Devon Garber World Cultures
Elizabeth Mutina U.S. History
Madeline Chamberlin U.S. History
Bianca Marcello Western Civilization


Maria Leech French I
James St. Ville French II
Erica Jenson French III
Elizabeth Mutina French III
Michael Lundy French IV
Lee Foden French V


Andrew Dobson Spanish I
Sarah Hohmeyer Spanish II
Bianca Marcello Spanish III


Khadijah Mirzan  


Liam Bechtel  


(highest academic average in class)  
GRADE 8:  Wyatt McDermott
GRADE 9:   Devon Garber
GRADE 10:  Erica Jenson
GRADE 11:  Madeline Chamberlin
Phi Beta Kappa Academic Achievement Award – Elizabeth Mutina
St. Lawrence University Book Award – Grant Erickson 
Vassar Book Award – Maria Leech  
Smith College Book Award – Madeline Chamberlin
Mt. Holyoke Book Award – Elizabeth Mutina
National Medical Science Honor Society – Grant Erickson, 
Erica Jenson, Bianca Marcello, Elizabeth Mutina


CVA Post Season Qualifications/Results

CVA athletes from both our full-time and weekend programs competed in an unprecedented number of regional, national, and world championships across all disciplines this year. Here’s the break-down:


Sam Morse ‘13: Qualified for Junior World Championships (2nd), U18 U.S. National Championships (1st SL), and Canadian Nor Am finals. Also named to the US Ski Development Team.

Czari Cochrane: Qualified for U18 U.S. National Championships

U18 Eastern Jr. FIS Finals: Erin Buckland (1st & 2nd, SG), Max Richard (2nd & 3rd, SG) 

U16 National Championships Invites: Erica Jenson, Sophia Morris, Dev Thomas

U16 Eastern Championships Invites: Erica Jenson (6th GS, 9th SG), Sophia Morris (6th SG), Dev Thomas (5th SG), Alex Habig, Henry Kearing, Kelsie Grant, James St. Ville, Nick Beliveau

U16 Eastern Finals Invites: Dylan Klein, MacKenzie Carr, Devon Garber, Blake Thampson, Meghan McCormack

U16 Can-Am Invites: Kelsie Grant, Dev Thomas (2nd SG), Alex Habig, Nick Beliveau, James St. Ville (9th SG), Henry Kearing

U14 Eastern Championships Invites: Garrett Alexander, Devon Lathrop, Simon Spear, Hayden Van Alstine, Rylee McCormack (3rd GS), Sam Conzelman (8th GS, 10th SL), Emma Kearing, Sarah Berube, Ella Spear

U14 Eastern Finals (Piche) Invites: Sam Thompson, Beck Kendig, Kelsey Kubota, Gibson Scott, Ben Jacobs, Quinn Richards, Carolyn Melvin

U14 Can-Am Invites: Rylee McCormack, Sam Conzelman, Emma Kearing

U16 Nationals Invites: Rylee McCormack (3rd overall), Erica Jenson, Sophia Morris

U12 Eastern Finals (Piche) Invites: Luke Kearing, Ian Geikie, Killian Lathrop, AJ Noyes, Ben Keller,  Sebastian Segre, Ava Cayer, Eva Clement, Emily Johnson, Angelique Labelle

Maine Class A High School Championships: Joe Lesniak (SL 1st, GS 1st), Elyse Dinan (SL 1st, GS 1st), Jason Beland (SL 8th, GS 6th), Abby Mills (SL 9th, GS 5th), Kyle Farrington (SL 9th, GS 12th), Eveyln Thompson (SL 5th, GS 7th), Sam Perlmutter (SL 5th, GS 20th), Kelsey Otley (GS 13th), Teal Otley (SL 11th)

Maine Class B High School Championships: Crockett Lalor (SL 2nd), Elise Luce (SL 1st, GS 1st), Blake Enrico (SL 9th, GS 10th), Lydia Morin (SL 4th, GS 6th), Brendan Carey (SL 11th), Emily Listowich (SL 10th, GS 15th)

Maine Class C High School Championships: Louis Frumer (SL 1st, GS 1st)

Massachusetts High School Championships: Charlie Thompson (SL 9th, GS 6th), Sarah Rowse (SL 12th, GS 4th)

Eastern High School Championships: Elise Luce (GS 1st), Joe Lesniak (SL 4th, GS 11th), Elyse Dinan (SL 66th), Eveyln Thompson (SL 53rd), Crockett Lalor (SL 33rd, GS 54th), Louis Frumer (SL 17th)


Junior World Championships Invites: Keegan Kilbride (slopestyle), Nessa Dziemian ’12 (moguls)

Eastern Mogul Championships: Noah Fournier (3rd Singles, 1st Duals), Grace Holstein (4th singles, 3rd Duals), SJ Grundon (5th Singles), Jesse Lowell (4th Singles)

U.S. Junior Championships Invites: Keegan Kilbride (1st place, Slopestyle), Michael Lundy, Noah Fournier, SJ Grundon, Grace Holstein, Jesse Lowell, Nick Morales, Wyatt McDermott

USASA National Championships Invites: Joris Gritalis (3rd Halfpipe), ParkerPierson, Miguel Ordoqui, Billy shackford, Wyatt McDermitt, Osten Duncan (6th Slopestyle, 9th Halfpipe)

Tri-State Championships Invites: Lauren Zimmerman (2nd), Kaitlyn Dowling (7th), Alex Dowling (6th), Dory Michaud (1st), Matthew Ricker (3rd), Jonathan Maidman (7th), Jake Francoeur (7th), Connor Dolan (9th), Andrew Clark (11th), Lance Dolan (6th), Hunter Brackett (1st), Alexander Hall (14th)

East Coast Junior Championships Invites: Lauren Zimmerman, Kaitlyn Dowling, Alex Dowling, Dory Michaud, Matthew Ricker, Jonathan Maidman, Jake Francoeur, Connor Dolan, Andrew Clark, Lance Dolan, Hunter Brackett


Junior World Championships (BX): Rolie Zagnoli (22nd, 8th in team event), Devryn Valley(23rd, 8th in team event)

USASA National Championships Invites: Liam Moffatt (11th GS), Maddi Chamberlin (2nd Rail Jam), Chase Blakey, Cailean Schecter, Jeb Dulac, Austin Manley-O’Brien (8th), Nick Malone, Jerry McGuire (9th Halfpipe), Stephen Just, Tommy Maune, Rollie Zagnoli, Devryn Valley, Kristen Venuto 3rd BX, 9th GS, 9th SL), Eric Williams 13th GS), Oliver Temple, Alex Guerriere, Joan Margarit, Ari Spagnuolo, Zackary Stewart, Emma Downing (2nd GS, 4th SL), , Evan Downing, Ethan Paluzzo, Mike Martin (10th BX), Cole Adams-Beyea

Skier X

Junior World Championships invites: Mike Hayes (36th)

USASA National Championships Invites: Abi Zagnoli (2nd), Bianca Marcello (3rd), Luke Kearing, Mike Hayes

Five CVA athletes to represent the U.S. at Junior World Championships

Carrabassett Valley Academy is pleased to announce the following athletes who have all earned the honor of  representing the USA at this year’s FIS Junior World Championships: Rollie Zagnoli ’14 (boardercross) , Keegan Kilbride ’14 (park & pipe skiing), Nessa Dziemian ’12  (moguls),  and Mike Hayes from the CVA Weekend Program (skiercross).

This major event will bring together the top junior competitors from across the globe to Valmalenco, Italy between March 26th and April 6th.  Competitors are invited based on their cumulative results throughout the season.

The results from the Junior World Championships will determine the best overall junior competitors in each discipline and age class. The event is also a proving ground for those athletes that aspire to train and compete for their national teams.

In addition to the above athletes, 2013 graduate Sam Morse qualified for the FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships which took place in Jasna, Slovakia in early March. Morse earned a 7th place finish overall, 2nd in his U18 age group. 

“We are extremely proud to have five athletes from five different disciplines qualify for Junior Worlds this year,” said CVA Head of School Kate Webber Punderson. “This is the most substantial representation we have ever had for these events.” 


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