The pursuit of athletic success leads CVA student-athletes on trips across the globe. Travel is tightly integrated with CVA’s athletics and academics programs. It is CVA’s unique co-curricular programming that allows student-athletes to maintain high quality academic achievement while on the road. Teachers design and customize curriculums on a case-by-case basis to fulfill the needs of every student-athlete whenever they need to leave for competition or training. With this proven system in place, CVA is able to achieve success in any competition without sacrificing academic standards.


CVA faculty members keep up with cutting-edge technology that enables them to stay connected with traveling athletic teams. To maintain healthy lines of communication, iPads are distributed to all students and teachers. This allows the traveling student-athlete to ask questions, voice concerns, and complete their homework.

Separate Coaching and Teaching Staffs:  One Team

CVA coaches and teachers are always working together to ensure that every student-athlete is performing to his or her highest potential on the mountain and in the classroom. Teachers allow students to travel and complete work on the road and coaches monitor study halls at the academy and during athletic trips. Because every student must achieve certain academic marks to compete, the coaches are just as invested in the school work as the teachers.

No Sacrifice

Travel plans can change at a moment’s notice. CVA teachers plan year round to make sure that academic progress continues, even during the busiest competition seasons. CVA works to ensure that there is no sacrifice in academic quality for traveling students. The lessons, resources available, and teacher’s expectations are equal for both students in the classroom and students on the road.

Time Management and Self-Advocacy

Travel is a privilege for students who achieve certain academic benchmarks. As CVA student-athletes mature and begin to travel more often, they learn that academic success requires organizational and time management skills. Time must be set aside every day for equipment maintenance, physical improvement, school work, and rest to ensure success. If a student-athlete needs help with anything, CVA’s open and honest community allows for healthy communication. Learning how to admit that help is needed and how to spend time during the day are skills that are invaluable in a college setting, and beyond. 


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