If you’re interested in mogul, freeski (park and pipe), freeride (competitive big moutain), CVA has the program for you. Freestyle skiing has seen many changes over the last decade with the addition of many new disciplines. As the sport of freestyle skiing has evolved, so has the way in which these student-athletes train. With a focus on development and performance, CVA offers all aspects of training, so that developing freestyle student-athletes may reach their optimal performance. To read more about the program’s training philosophy, click here

Freestyle Disciplines

CVA offers Freeski, FreeRide, and Mogul disciplines. Check out our FB pages for videos and pictures.


Coached by Nate McKenzie, our  mogul team continually charges through fields of snowy bumps and launches themselves off jumps to win competitions. They are as competent and confident in the air as they are picking the fastest line through the moguls. 


Coached by CVA graduate, Jake Payson '06, our focused team knows how to handle a variety of terrain filled with rails, hips, table tops, and jumps as they combine technical tricks into one run. Trips to the water ramps at Lake Placid along with the hours of work on our two Olympic trampolines prepare these athletes to increase their amplitude and difficulty of line and level of tricks. 


Coached by Jesse Duncan, Freeride skiing is the newest competitive freestyle event to hit the slopes. These are “all mountain competitions” where student-athetes are judged on technique and clocked on the time it takes to ski the steepest and most intense black diamond terrain in the east. To learn more about this new program, click here.



Nathan McKenzie is the founder and program director of the CVA Freeski program. Entering his 16th year with CVA, Coach McKenzie remains head coach to the longest running and most successful freeski program in the country. To read more about Coach McKenzie, click here.


Alongside Coach McKenzie's extensive knowledge, CVA also has a state-of-the art Antigravity Complex (AGC). This training facility is the only one of its kind in New England and ensures optimal dry land training for our competitors.

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