Ski Cross

Passion for the outdoors, fun, and individual successes are important motivating factors for all winter sport athletes. At CVA, we encourage our Ski Cross athletes to define what they are a part of and, more importantly, what they wish to get out of each experience. In outlining these steps and involving each athlete in this process they become grounded in their own personal development. Athletes may now become part of the solution for their success and enjoy the experience with a broader sense of what they are involved in.

At CVA, we will guide as coaches, mentors and role models, and will seek the highest levels of motivation, determination, and hard work necessary from each athlete towards achieving their personal best.

The challenging terrain at Sugarloaf combined with our very own Seth Wescott–designed boarder/ski cross track provides the perfect environment to hone all of your racing skills. Seth is a CVA graduate who is a mentor and role model for all our students. We have created a comprehensive program mirrored after our world famous boardercross program and will provide all of the resources needed to help you push your limits and achieve your personal best.


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