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Dear Families:

I am Kate Webber Punderson, CVA Head of School and Sugarloafer Since 1971. I grew up in Carrabassett Valley and graduated from CVA in 1989.  Many have heard me say, “I am who I am because I have been there”, when I speak about CVA and Sugarloaf and what they mean to me.

CVA is defined by the collective spirit of its founders, teachers, coaches, parents and students. And…it is also defined by our location. The isolated ruggedness of the terrain and environment here clearly shapes us, our program and our students. This place creates an experience not found elsewhere. A place where students carry the skills they learn on the mountain forward to face the challenges of their lives and of our world with strength and grace.

On Sugarloaf mountain our students learn how to win, how to lose, how to carry on in unforgiving weather, and how to pick themselves up after a fall and keep going. While teaching students how to deal with those life lessons, this mountain environment is also creating growth, opportunity, and choice. The Academy is a full-on academic, athletic, and community experience that is life changing. It’s the “real deal” approach to a disciplined training program that pushes students to higher levels of competence in the classroom and on the hill.

When students join CVA they join a community that is nestled securely in the woods of Carrabasset Valley.  A community where they are known, needed, cared for, and are listened to. A community that radiates sincere warmth and a very familial feel within the school and the Valley as a whole.  Our graduates leave CVA with a strong sense of place. They leave with an outstanding work ethic, independence, stamina and confidence in the face of adversity.

The CVA story has been written by many people. Whether you are a student, weekend program parent/athlete, employee, alumni, parent, donor, or Sugarloafer, you are contributing a vital thread to the fabric of our school. Your CVA has built Our CVA, and Our CVA is a place of which we are all proud. We are stronger together! I invite you to visit us for a day to meet those students plus our teachers and coaches; feel the collective energy of the school; and learn how our programs can help you reach your potential.


Kate Webber Punderson

Head of School

About CVA

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