Annual Fund

The CVA Annual Fund: Your Gift Fuels Dreams and Commitment

2015 Annual Fund Goals: $180,000 -- 390 donors

March 2015 Update: $127,500 -- 230 donors

Please make your gift today to help us meet our goals!

CVA has always been a place for those with the willpower and the tenacity to shape the world around them. Our students spend countless hours on the hill and long nights doing homework because they believe they have the power to achieve their dreams. Our faculty and coaches dedicate themselves to working nights and weekends because they see that same potential in our students and the opportunity, in this place, to unleash it.  Your support fuels those dreams and that commitment. Contributions to the CVA Annual Fund touch every part of the school, providing additional resources to support our academic program, supplement athletics and to enhance our responsible community living curriculum.  CVA deliberately sets tuition below the full cost of attendance in order to keep the school affordable to a wide range of families. Almost half of CVA’s students receive financial aid.  The ability to offer support to deserving student-athletes through the annual fund helps to keep us competitive but also maintains a culturally and socio-economically diverse community, which was a key facet of our founding vision and remains a priority today. As a CVA donor, you are an essential part of our community. Your experiences, relationships, and ties to CVA are an important part of not just your story but our story. Your support propels us forward on this path, your belief in our mission allows us to set and achieve these aggressive goals, and your gifts fuel our growth so that we can continue to be STRONGER TOGETHER. Please make your gift to the 2014 CVA Annual Fund today! Gifts of any size are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Secure online giving available at:

What is the Annual Fund?

The CVA Annual Fund provides critical funds each year that are an essential part of our operating budget. These funds are used to preserve and enhance the CVA experience, allowing CVA students to thrive in the classroom, dominate on the hill, and live out the Big Dog ethos of always rising to the challenge.

The Annual Fund is a separate fund, specifically for general operational support. Unlike events, special project funds, or the capital campaign which are used to fund a specific initiative, the Annual Fund impacts every CVA student.

At CVA, our fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30 of the following calendar year. Our Annual Fund runs on the same schedule.

Why an Annual Fund?

Half of CVA’s students receive financial aid, and tuition alone does not cover the cost of a CVA education. The Annual Fund covers the difference between the money raised by tuition and the full cost of attendance.

What Kinds of Things Does an Annual Fund Gift Buy?

In the past, the Annual Fund has helped put SMART Boards in classrooms, upgrade the trampolines in the AGC, buy slalom gates, paid for athletes to travel to competitions, and provided support for student activities.


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