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2016 Annual Fund Goals: $182,000 -- 372 donors

Please make your gift today to help us meet our goals!

Your Commitment Counts!

Commitment is defined as “the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something”. At CVA, Commitment comes in two equally vital directions – commitment to self and commitment to community. "Commitment to Self" involves goal setting, trying our hardest, honesty and integrity, and hard work. Commitment to Community involves positively contributing to our shared community and supporting others in reaching our goals. 

When you make a gift to the Annual Fund, you are tangibly expressing your commitment to CVA and our mission.  Much like the results produced when our student-athletes make their commitment to their CVA experience, our donors also produce incredible results when they show their commitment to CVA. In the next few weeks, we will be sharing examples via email, social media, and personal outreach of how the Annual Fund supports students’ commitment and the results that creates. We hope that you will be inspired to help us meet our goals -- YOUR COMMITMENT COUNTS!

Every gift, regardless of size, gets us closer to our goal of $182,000 from 372 donors and is a true sign of your commitment. You can make your gift by visiting our secure donation page, mailing a check, or by calling Sarah Hinman at (207) 237-4471. Thank you!

What is the Annual Fund?

The CVA Annual Fund provides critical funds each year that are an essential part of our operating budget. These funds are used to preserve and enhance the CVA experience, allowing CVA students to thrive in the classroom, dominate on the hill, and live out the Big Dog ethos of always rising to the challenge.

The Annual Fund is a separate fund, specifically for general operational support. Unlike events, special project funds, or the capital campaign which are used to fund a specific initiative, the Annual Fund impacts every CVA student.

At CVA, our fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30 of the following calendar year. Our Annual Fund runs on the same schedule.

Why an Annual Fund?

Half of CVA’s students receive financial aid, and tuition alone does not cover the cost of a CVA education. The Annual Fund covers the difference between the money raised by tuition and the full cost of attendance.

What Kinds of Things Does an Annual Fund Gift Buy?

In the past, the Annual Fund has helped put SMART Boards in classrooms, upgrade the trampolines in the AGC, buy slalom gates, paid for athletes to travel to competitions, and provided support for student activities.

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