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CVA Alpine Weekend Program Families;

As the last weekend of the Alpine Program approaches I have many people that I would like to thank for making this an amazing first season for me at Sugarloaf.  First of all, the coaching staff here at CVA has been a pleasure to work with.  These coaches are such professionals and bring so much energy to the program every weekend.  Every coach has a very busy job and schedule outside of coaching here in our Alpine Program.  We have to remember that during the winter time, many of these men and women literally work 7 days a week.  We know that most of us don’t consider ski coaching to be work, but instead more of a passion, but still it takes up a lot of time.  Secondly I’d like to thank all the families who gave all of us so much support all winter long.  Those parents who volunteered their time to work races, whether gatekeeping or acting as the starter at the KCL’s, its all really important and appreciated.  And lastly, but most importantly, the kids.  What a great group of athletes we have here at Sugarloaf.  They represent themselves, the weekend program, and the mountain so well at every event that they attend.  It is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to coach such an amazing group of kids every weekend.  That is what brings all of us back year after year.

Upcoming events:

US. Nationals Parade of Athletes:

Important change to this event due to the weather.  The parade will now be on Friday evening evening at 6:30.  If you have your child signed up to take part in this event, lets plan to be on Main Street no later than 6:00.  Many of the WP coaches will be there to help organize the athletes and get them lined up.  What a great opportunity for all of these kids.

Parent Informational seminar by Eric Harlow on Saturday afternoon in the Atrium of CVA’s King Cummings Campus.  This should be another great event for parents to attend.  Their will be lots of information about the sport of ski racing and the importance of your role as a parent.

What’s happening this weekend:

For our wrap up weekend, we will be freeski the mountain and watch as much of the two slalom races for US Nationals as possible.  On Saturday we will be joining in the Ski Club cookout and barbecue up at the Jean Luce building.  All athletes and coaches are free, but parents will have to pay $10.00 for their lunch.  This is a great barbecue and the money goes to support the Ski Club.  Remember that the Ski Club does a lot to support our Weekend Program so its important that we in turn support them.  This is also when we will be giving out our recognition awards to our athletes and stickers etc.  We hope that you can join us for this event.

We really need some parents to volunteer their time at the barbecue that day.  Bruce Miles has asked that we provide some parents to help with cleanup and I’m sure they could use some help getting the food out to all the people and set up as well.  If you can help, please make sure you get up to the Jean Luce building by 11:00 on Saturday.

Have a great weekend!

David Hamblet

CVA Alpine WP Manager




March 19, 2015

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Families;

As the ski racing season quickly comes to a close we still have plenty to keep us busy.  We will have normal program this coming Saturday and Sunday with some fun events planned.  We will be having a fun race for all the kids in the program on Saturday on Comp Hill.  This will be a dual panelled slalom where the kids will pair off and race against each other in each other within their age groups.  This event should take up the whole afternoon session on Saturday.  On Sunday each age group will continue to work on skills or gate training.


U.S. Alpine National Championships:

Remember that starting the 25th of March, the US Alpine National Championships will be here at Sugarloaf.  Please look at last week’s newsletter and click on the link to sign your athlete up for the marching in of the athletes.  This is a very important event and we need as many athletes as we can get from our Weekend Program.  If you are planning on being up here on that Thursday evening (March 26), please sign up your athlete.

Upcoming Events:

Dan McKay Mike Waddle Scholarship  fund ski race.  This is a great event and lots of fun for all involved.  The date for this event is Saturday, April 4th.


Presentation and conversation by Eric Harlow, USSA East Alpine Program Director:

This will be a great opportunity for parents to get even more insight on the world of ski racing and being a ski racing parent.  Saturday, March 28 in the Atrium of the King Cummings Campus at CVA.



We’d like to take a moment to congratulate all those athletes who competed over the past weekend.  We had 12 athletes compete at the Francis Piche Invitational in New Hampshire.  These athletes represented CVA and the state of Maine in this event.  Maine took home the third place overall trophy behind New Hampshire and Vermont.  We are very proud of all these athletes and they way they represented our program.  We had 6 athletes represent CVA and Maine over at Stowe this past weekend for the U14 Eastern Regional Championships.  Luke Kearing was able to qualify from this event to Can-Am’s.  Luke now has the opportunity to represent the Eastern U.S. in an international ski race with athletes from Canada and the U.S.  

A word from your coaches:


U8’s through U14’s:





David Hamblet

Weekend Program Director



March 11, 2015

Alpine Weekend Program Families;

As the end of the season quickly approaches we have some very busy weekends on our docket.  This weekend finds our staff and athletes spread all over New England.  Due to the nature of ski racing and post season events, a lot of our staff is away at championship events.  I want to wish all of our athletes and coaches the best of luck this weekend in their races.   For all those who will be at Sugarloaf this weekend, we are expecting some great skiing as the weather is starting to turn warmer and spring like conditions should prevail.  We have some fun training opportunities both days for all age groups on Comp Hill and West Mountain.  Due to the expectations of high skier traffic, our training space is now limited to those two locations.  Both afternoons we will have Comp Hill to ourselves as we can pull the ropes and keep the public out.  Expect to see all kinds of courses set up during these sessions.

As we move toward the end of our season we are looking ahead to a weekend where we can have some fun racing.  On Saturday the 21st we are planning on holding our traditional end of season fun day with a fun race, awards and a cookout.  Because the race department will be so busy setting things up around the Jean Luce building, we will not try to hold our cookout up there. Our tentative plans are for having a cookout down near the Comp Center a little later in the day when skier traffic has subsided.  We can do awards for the athletes and have a nice social gathering after we’ve had our fun up on the hill.  More information will be coming as we work out all the details.

CVA Summer and Fall training camps:

CVA offers off season training camps for athletes.  These are some of the best camps around and held in some amazing locations.  Please open the link below to get an idea of what is available for your athlete(s).  I am strongly recommending the November camp, which will likely be in Colorado, for WP athletes.  This camp will take place during the Thanksgiving Holiday break so most kids would only miss a few days of school.  The snow conditions are usually very good and the atmosphere at these camps is fantastic.  Many of the US Team members are there along with Europeans looking for some training on US soil before the North American World Cup races.  If you have any questions about how these camps are run and what to expect, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

U.S. Alpine National Championships:

The U.S. Alpine Championships are coming to Sugarloaf, March 25-29. All Weekend Program participants have been invited to take part in the athlete parade during the Opening Ceremonies the evening of Thursday, March 26th.  This is a great chance to be a part of the celebration and excitement of the Championships. Athletes are asked to arrive approximately at 6:40 pm around the Sugarloaf Hotel. Exact time and location details will be sent next week. They will parade with the competitors up to the Beach. The parade will be followed by welcoming remarks, fireworks and an autograph session. To register your child for the parade please click here. Please RSVP for your children here. For more information on the Alpine Championships, including a full schedule of events, click here.

CVA Athletes at Championship events:

As many of you know we are very proud to have many of our athletes representing CVA at championship events all over New England.  If you get a chance you can follow some of our athletes at: | Home | ski race results, sports results ...We have athletes competing at the following mountains:

Gunstock in New Hampshire for the Francis Piche Invitational (March 14-15)

Stowe Mountain in Vermont for the U14 Eastern Championships (March 13-16)

Sunday River Resort in Maine for the U16 Finals (March 12-15)


A word from your coaches:

U8’s and U10’s:



U16’s and U18’s: 


Alpine Weekend Program Families,

March 5, 2015

I can’t believe March is already upon us.  This is the busiest month of the season for many of us, especially our coaches.  We have a lot of athletes heading off to post season competitions here in Maine, over in NH and some as far away as VT and New York.  It certainly keeps us on our toes and looking at our calendars to make sure we have coaches at each event.  Its also a challenge to ensure that we have some coaches still available to cover all the rest of the athletes here at Sugarloaf.  Because of all of this, we will be forced to move some coaches around a little to cover age groups.  We have a few age groups where all the coaches will be  travelling for Championship events.  We all hope that you can continue to be as flexible and patient as you have been all season as we work to make sure every age group has a coach.

Speaking of Championship events, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate all the athletes who were able to qualify for these events:

U12 Girls and Boys from CVA WP who will represent Maine at the Francis Piche Invitational at Gunstock on 3/13-3/15:

Eva Clement                               Tiernan Lathrop

Tellie Stamaris                            Ian Geikie

Angelique labelle                        Sebastian Segre

Maisley Tone                              Cody Labonty

                                                  Bennett Berg

                                                  Matthew Thompson


U14 Athletes from CVA WP who will represent Maine at the Francis Piche Invitational at Gunstck:

Ava Cayer                  

U14 Athletes from CVA WP who will represent Maine at the U14 Eastern Championships at Stowe, VT (March 12-16):

Garrett Alexander                            Avery Reynolds

Luke Kearing

Tyler Woolston

Sam Thompson

Killian Lathrop

U16 Athletes from CVA WP who will represent Maine at the U16 Finals at Sunday River from March 12-15.

Devon Lathrop                       Quinn Richards

Open Races for U14’s and under to attend:       

This coming weekend, Sunday River and Gould Academy Competition Program will be hosting a 2 day event at Sunday River for Non USSA Athletes.  This just means that you DON’T have to possess a USSA License to compete.   We are strongly encouraging all U8’s to U14’s to attend if they are not competing in any of the Championship events over the next couple of weekends. To sign up for this event, please click on the link below which will bring you to the MARA page for Sunday River competitions:

Just a correction to the email sent out on Wednesday morning, we will have coaches at this event both days, (Saturday and Sunday) for those who want to attend both days or those that can only make it for one day.  

2015 US Alpine National Championships

As most of you probably already know, Sugarloaf will be hosting this year’s US Alpine National Championships from March 25-29.  This is a major event in Alpine Ski Racing for the US.  It brings together many of the athletes from the US Ski Team and many more top US skiers who have worked very hard just to earn the right to compete at this event.  It is a great opportunity for our CVA WP athletes to watch some of the best ski racers in the world compete right here at Sugarloaf.  Our plan for the weekend of March 24-25 is to have our athletes watch as much of the racing as possible and to see the medal ceremonies as well.  There will be a really cool opportunity for some of our WP athletes to take part in the opening ceremonies’ parade on Thursday the 26th.  We will keep all of you posted as more information becomes available.

A word from your coaches


U10’s and U12’s:





Here's to a great weekend of training and racing.  It looks like the weather is going to cooperate for us and we should have some great skiing.  Good luck to all who are competing and keep up the hard work to all those that are at Sugarloaf to train.


David Hamblet

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Manager





February 25, 2015 

Alpine Weekend Program Families 

Its hard to believe how quickly the season continues to fly by.  We had such a great vacation week with so many families here.  I know the weather certainly presented some challenges, but I want to thank everyone for being patient and flexible.  We had some great racing at all age levels over the break.  With two KCL’s and multiple age group qualifiers, we were all very busy!  Even the big kids kept busy with many athletes competing in high school and middle school championship events.  Some of the U18’s and U16’s went to Titcomb for a night slalom on Saturday, the 21st, where they got to compete against a lot of college racers. 

On that same Saturday, the U12’s and U14’s raced here at Sugarloaf in a GS qualifier where CVA WP athletes swept the podium for the U14 boys and one of our U14 girls also fought her way to the podium.  For the U12’s, the CVA WP girls swept the podium and the boys took several spots in the top 10 including 1st!  It was some of the best skiing we have seen all season and all the coaches are so proud of their athletes.   On Sunday, most of the U8’s through U14’s competed at Titcomb in a dual slalom, where CVA WP athletes once again captured some great hardware!  Way to go!

On the first Saturday of Vacation week, some of the U16’s raced in the final U16 qualifier at Sunday River.  This was a great Slalom race and we had some great results.  One of our U16 athletes, Devon Lathrop, qualified to make it to U16 Eastern Finals at Sunday River in March.  Congratulations Devon!  

Upcoming Races:

Saturday, February 28:

U12 and U14 SL qualifier at Sunday River Resort.  This is the last slalom qualifier of the season for the U12’s and U14’s.  We urge all 12’s and 14’s to attend, as the results from these races are what qualify  athletes for the Francis Piche and for Eastern Championships at Stowe. 

Sunday, March 1st:

U12 and U14 GS qualifier at Shawnee Peak.  This is the last GS qualifier of the season and like the slalom on Saturday, is very important for these athletes when it comes to postseason events.  We strongly encourage all 12’s and 14’s to attend this race! 

Post Season Races:

Francis Piche Invitational:  This is the penultimate race for all U12’s in the Eastern US.  Please see the link below for information on this race.  If your athlete qualifies for this race, there will be a listing on the MARA website and our CVA WP will also be notified.

USSA U14 Eastern Championships at Stowe:  This is the biggest race for U14’s in the Eastern US.  It is from this race that athletes can qualify for U14 Can-Ams in Tremblant and also for U16 Championships here at Sugarloaf at the end of March and the beginning of April.

Some fun races you may enjoy: 

On Saturday the 14th of March there is a great children’s GS over at Wildcat Mt in NH.  This is one of the best spring GS races for children.  Wildcat is also a great mountain to just go and freeski after the race or between runs! 

To register for this race, follow the link below which takes you to the alpinereg website.  Wildcat is listed at the top with Attitash and Cranmore.

Link to the Parent Directory: 

The parent directory link is no longer at the top of the Newsletter.  If you want to be able to see the parent directory, please click on the link below.

 A few words from your coaches:













David Hamblet

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Manager



February 12, 2015

CVA Weekend Program families, 

It's hard to believe how quickly this season is going.   It seems like just yesterday was our opening weekend.  As you know, this Saturday is the start of February vacation.  During vacation week we will have program every day except Wednesday.  With one day off in the middle of the week it gives the athletes a chance to get some rest and have a day to just relax and be kids.   

We have a GS qualifier at Sugarloaf this Sunday for the U12's and 14's.  We really could use some help from parents to make sure this race runs smoothly.  We always need gatekeepers, course slippers (especially with all the new snow we've gotten), scoreboard workers and even people at the finish area to help direct athletes out of the finish area and keep things from becoming a bottleneck in the area near the Jean Luce building.  If you can volunteer for this race please contact Laurel Lasher or Lev Steeves at the Comp Center.  PLEASE COME AND VOLUNTEER TO WORK THIS RACE! 

I would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the Parent Webinar on Saturday.  This was a great example of the many educational opportunities that USSA offers through it's website.  I strongly encourage everyone to spend some time exploring the website and see all it has to offer.

Upcoming races: 

U16 slalom qualifier at Sunday River Resort on Sunday, February 15.

U12/U14 GS qualifier at Sugarloaf on Sunday, February 15.  Please be sure that your athlete is registered for this race.  All U12’s and U14’s should be racing! Follow this link to register for this race:

KCL races:  Monday’s race has been moved to Tuesday due to some extremely cold weather forecast for Sunday night into Monday.  The last KCL of the season will be Friday, February 20.

Paneled slalom at Titcomb on Sunday, February 22.  This race is for all U8’s through U14’s.  This should be a very fun race at Titcomb in Farmington.  Athletes should bring slalom skis for this race.  Follow this link to register for the race:

Past races:

Last weekend we had a U16 qualifier here at sugarloaf on Sunday and a U10-U14 Skills Quest event at Titcomb.  We had some great results turned in from CVA WP athletes at both of these events.  All the kids at Titcomb enjoyed the Skills Quest part of the day and it was capped by a great slalom race in the afternoon.  I want to thank all the parents who braved the elements to cheer on all of our athletes and for braving the snow to get athletes to and from Titcomb.

Upcoming events: 

On Tuesday, February 17, the Sugarloaf Ski Club will be putting on a spaghetti dinner ski and skate event at the Outdoor Center from 5:30 - 7:30pm.  This will be a great social event to attend during the February Vacation week.  There is no alpine program the next day, so you can stay out a little late knowing you can sleep in the next morning.

Notes from your coaches: 







The skiing up here is great!  I strongly suggest you bring some powder skis up with you for this next week.

David Hamblet

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Manager



February 5, 2015

Alpine WP Parents,

We are quickly rolling into the heart of our racing season.  We have a lot of races approaching and many of them are qualifiers that have postseason race implications. Please look at the calendars and coaches’ emails to ensure that your athlete(s) is signed up for all the qualifiers that he/she needs to be racing in as as this is very important.  If you have any questions about which races and/or how to get registered, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your athlete’s head coach.  Another very important part of athlete development is proper nutrition, hydration and rest.  Please help your athlete(s) get all three of these, as each is equally important.

A lot of new snow has fallen  at Sugarloaf in the past 9 days and the skiing is amazing all over the mountain.   However, all the new snow adds to the work that needs to be done to pull off a successful race.  We are hosting the U16 GS Qualifier here at Sugarloaf on Sunday.  The Ski Club is always looking for volunteers to help out with races.  Please get involved and talk to Laurel Lashar or Lev Steeves at the Competition Center and find out how you can help!  Running a smooth and successful race requires a lot of volunteers.  As I’ve said before, there is no better way to watch a race than to be a part of it.  Whether it’s being a gatekeeper, slipping the course to keep the ruts from building up or helping out with registration, it’s all very important.  If you are just a little nervous about getting involved because you are afraid you don’t know enough,  please give me a call and I can talk to you about where your help could best be utilized.

Upcoming events:


KCL race at Sugarloaf, Saturday, February 7th.  GS format on Competition Hill. This race will be in the morning, just like last week.  Awards will be at 2:15 in the Competition Center.

Skills Quest at Titcomb Sunday, February 8th.

U16 GS Qualifier at Sugarloaf, Sunday,February 8th

U12/U14 GS Qualifier at Sugarloaf Sunday, February 15th

Education and informational sessions:

USSA Sport Education Parent Webinar will be held in the Atrium of  CVA’s King Cummings Campus, Saturday the 7th at 4:00 pm.  You all received an invitation email about this on Tuesday.  This will be an excellent source of information for all parents.  I strongly encourage everyone to attend.

Camps and training opportunities:

CVA Training day this Friday, February 6th at Sugarloaf.  Please contact me if you have an athlete that would like to participate.

GS Winter Training Camp February 11th - 13th.  This camp will be at Sugarloaf.  Camp hours are 8:15-11:00 and 12:00-2:30 on snow.  Academic tutoring session available from 3:00-5:00 at CVA.  Please, when you register, let us know if you want the tutoring session for your student- athlete.

Fundraising Events:


With winter in full swing we are again gearing up for our annual CVA Scholarship Fundraiser.  This event provides crucial scholarship support to more than 50% of our CVA students and is our only fundraising event. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! We hope you can join us for the event at the Sugarloaf Inn on February 21 from 6-9 pm but even if you can’t, here are some ways you can support these great student-athletes: ·        

Buy a raffle ticket – only 500 tickets will be sold! Click HERE to buy you ticket online now.·        

Become an event sponsor – CLICK HERE to send a message to Sarah Hinman if you are interested in possibly becoming an event sponsor; sponsorships start at $250 and are a great way to promote your business.·        

Bid and spread the word – Visit, like, and share our online auction at·        

NEW THIS YEAR – Buy your ticket by 8:00 pm on Wednesday, February 18, for a chance to be in a separate $1,000 prize drawing on WSKI the morning of February 19 – you’ll still be eligible for the $10,000 grand prize!

We hope we can count on you to help bolster these talented and hardworking student athletes – your support makes all the difference. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer at the event, please contact

Sarah Hinman, Assistant Director of Development at 207.237.4471 or

A few words from your coaches:







David Hamblet

Alpine Weekend Program Director



January 29, 2015

Alpine Weekend Program Families:


As I write this newsletter I’m looking out the window at the snow coming down.  I know we are not getting as much snow up here at Sugarloaf as many of you are getting at your homes, but it’s still great to be getting some “freshies”.  Please keep an eye to the weather forecast this week, as we may have another storm rolling in on Friday.  We have a busy week and weekend with quite a few races for different age groups. 

I want to bring to your attention some of the links up in the heading of our newsletter.  At the very top of each newsletter is a section that has all kinds of important links.  Please click on these to be directed to sites such as MARA or USSA.  Also in this section are links to our Parent Directory and our google Calendar.  Please take a few moments and explore some of these places.

 Upcoming races and Skills Quest events:


U14 Super G project and race at Sunday River January 29-30: 

Sunday River is hosting a 2 day SG event this Thursday and Friday for U14’s.  Many of our athletes will be there for this event.  If you’d like to see some great skiing and cheer on some of our kids, I’d suggest you take a trip to Sunday River this Friday for the races.  Keep an eye on the weather though as we may be getting another dose of snow. 

Race waiver form for Camden Snow Bowl GS on February 1st:


This  is an open race for U10’s to U14’s . No USSA membership is required to race here.  Please let us know if you have an athlete that plans to attend so we know how many coaches to send.


Race entry for Shawnee Peak for U16 Qualifier on Feb 1. 

This is a U16 slalom qualifier.  It is also open to U18’s and up.  All U16’s that are USSA members are encouraged to attend this event as it has implications for post season events.  Any U18’s that plan to attend the race should make sure they let their coaches know so that we can adequately staff this race.

Skills Quest on Feb Titcomb for U10’s through U14’s:


We have a GS camp scheduled for February 11-13th  at Sugarloaf for U12’s through U16’s.  It has come to my attention that if we were to hold another GS camp from February 4th-6th we may get some more kids to sign up.  If you have any interest in either of these camps or both, please let me know ASAP.  At this time we will continue to roll with the 11th-13th camp, but if we can get 5 or more athletes to sign up for the 4th - 6th of February (next week) then we will go ahead with that camp as well.  Just so you know, we really need to have at least 5 athletes in a camp to make it a go.  These camps are a great opportunity for your athlete to get some great coaching with a smaller athlete to coach ratio.  We will work on fundamental progressions all the way up to full length GS courses with video.  Remember we need to know as soon as possible what your intentions are. 

Free USSA Webinars for you to view. 

Below is a letter from Jon Nolting, the USSA Director of Sport Education, regarding an upcoming webinar. 

If you aren’t able to watch the webinar please know that plans are in the works to replay it at CVA on February 7th. Watch for details in next week’s newsletter. 

Dear ski racing parents, 

The supporting role you play in your child’s ski racing enjoyment and success cannot be understated. It is an admittedly difficult task to understand all the ins and outs of the sport, from the best ways to develop young ski racers to selection methods, choosing which races to go to and knowing what equipment to buy.

While the list of questions is long, the time to get them answered is often short, and that is why we are offering free parent webinars for USSA parents to learn how to better support your child while gaining a better understanding of ski racing. A webinar will be offered for each region, so that you can ask questions specific to your area and get the answers you need. USSA Sport Education Director Jon Nolting will talk about sport parenting and ski racing development, and your regional alpine staff will give an overview of the programs in place in your area for your skiers. This will be followed with time for Q&A. Can’t make the live webinar? They will be recorded and made available online afterwards. 

To join the webinar live or view the recorded versionsgo here


East – Monday, February 2, Noon-1:00pm EST 

We hope you’ll join us! If you have any questions, please contact USSA Sport Education. 


Jon Nolting 

USSA Director of Sport Education


some notes from your coaches: 


U10’s and U12’s:





Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the slopes this weekend.  Please have a safe drive up to Sugarloaf and keep thinking more snow!!

 David Hamblet 

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Manager







January 22, 2015

CVA Weekend Program Families,

We have certainly had a busy month so far, and it isn’t about to slow down anytime soon.  We had our first round of qualifiers last weekend for both the U16’s and U12/U14 groups.  I want to congratulate everyone who competed on Sunday and Monday and thank all those parents who braved the nasty driving conditions to get athletes to and from those races.  We had some great results from our athletes in all the age groups and all the coaches are very proud of the hard work and dedication their athletes have been putting in this season.

 The rain that came in on Sunday and Monday certainly changed the snow conditions here at Sugarloaf.  What we have now is hard, fast snow.  CVA athletes have been training SG, GS and slalom up here all week and been doing great.  However, this new skiing surface certainly requires athletes to have very sharp skis.  Please ensure that your kids’ skis are very sharp this weekend.  This means that you will have to sharpen them before Saturday and Sunday if your athlete is going to be able to enjoy some success this weekend.

Upcoming Events/Races:

 Saturday, January 24th is our 2nd KCL of the season.  This race is for the U8 through U14 age groups.  Coaches will have bibs for each athlete.  The race is scheduled to be held on Comp Hill first thing in the morning.  Please have your athletes to the meeting spot a little early on Saturday so that they have time to get their bibs.

 Ski Racing 101 & introduction to ski tuning clinic:


We were tentatively scheduling an informational meeting for those families who are new to ski racing.  This session is designed to answer questions many may have about the sport that they have gotten involved in.  This is not really designed for families who have been in the program for a while.  We will have another session in a week or two, kind of a Ski Racing 201, for those more experienced families.  Due to the KCL on Saturday morning, we will have to change this to the afternoon.  We’d like to then follow that up with an introduction to tuning clinic immediately following.  As of now, we will plan to hold this in the Competition Center right after lunch.  We can do the tuning clinic in there as well.  I’d like to finish this by 2:30 as the U10 and U12 staff is having a get together with parents around that time to discuss how the season is going and what the plans are moving forward.  Many of you have already contacted me to let me know you are coming.  If you haven't’ already done so, please let me know by text or email if you plan to be there on Saturday.

Importance of being on time!

 The coaches have asked me to say a little something about the importance of getting your athlete(s) to the meeting spots on time each day.  We start each morning at 8:30 sharp.  If an athlete is 10 minutes late, their group will be gone.  Coaches will not wait for athletes that are late and all too often its the same kids that show up late over and over again.  Please try to be there by 8:25 each day and again by 11:55.  It is not fair to other kids in a group to have to wait for stragglers all the time and I have told coaches not to.  If you are running late I ask you to do this:

  1. Send me a text with the name of your athlete, age group and coach.  603-455-5173

  2. Please let me know what time you expect to have him/her there.

I have the ability to then contact your athlete’s coach and let them know when and where to meet that works for both athlete and coach.

Camps and CVA training days:

 We still have a few more winter training camps coming up before the end of the season.  Our next one is February 11-13.  This is a GS camp and is scheduled before a GS qualifier to help athletes fine tune their GS skills leading into that race.  These WTC are a great opportunity for athletes to work on skills and get that extra time on snow before a big race.  Please visit the link below for more information and how to register.

 We are also starting to look at planning a fall camp to Mammoth Resort in California.  This would be a November trip which would include five days on snow at Mammoth Mountain.  This is great chance to get some great early season training and work on fundamentals while building lots of mileage.  As the season progresses, we will continue to give more information about any upcoming camps.  Please stay tuned and feel free to forward any questions to Dave Hamblet or your athlete(s) coach.

Change of Schedule for February break:

Currently the handbook says that we will have Weekend Program everyday during the February vacation.  This is a mistake.  We will be off on Wednesday the 18th of February.  Training will resume that Thursday and run right through Sunday the 22nd.

A Few notes from your coaches:

U8’s and U10’s:









David Hamblet

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Manager




January 15, 2015

Alpine Weekend Program Families

We had a great first weekend back after the Holidays.  The snow conditions are spectacular and ideal for ski racing.  Every age group is making big strides in their skiing;  both fundamentally and with their gate training.  We have our first round of qualifiers coming up this weekend.  The U12’s and U’14’s will be at Saddleback on Monday, January 19 for a slalom qualifier.  The U-16’s will be at Sunday River on Sunday for a GS qualifier.  Both of these are important races for our athletes and results help them qualify for postseason events.   In non USSA competition, there is a race on Sunday the 18th at Lost Valley for U8’s to U14’s.  This is a fun race and a great chance for some of our younger athletes to get a little more racing experience.  Good luck to everyone that is competing this weekend, we will be watching on Live Timing. 


U12 and U14 slalom qualifier at Saddleback.  This is the first qualifier for these age groups and should be a good one.   Saddleback does a nice job hosting a race.  There are a few important details about this race that have been forwarded to us by their race organizers.    Please click the link to read about these. register for this race, please click on the following link:

JP Memorial race at Lost Valley.  This is a fun race down at Lost Valley.  We will need to know if you plan to attend so that we can support the race with coaches.  Please let your athlete’s coach know on Saturday if you are planning on attending this race.  Below is a link to bring you to the registration page for this race.  This is a non USSA race.  All this means is that your athlete(s) does not have to have a USSA license to compete. JP Memorial Race will proceed as planned at Lost Valley this Sunday. January 18. LVRC is planning to handle the Awards Ceremony more efficiently, so families can be on their way by 4:30 If anyone in your club has a entry that they are afraid will be late, email the entry form to before Noon on Saturday (1-17-14) and the late fee will be waived. NO credit cards. Cash and checks only accepted at Registration. Information at :

U16 GS Qualifier at Sunday River on Sunday, January 18:  This is a USSA U16 Qualifier, the first in a series over the next 6 weeks, that athletes will compete in to move on to postseason races.  It is open to U18’s and U21’s as well, but they do not count in the qualifying process.  Below is a link to sign up for this race.  Please notify your athlete’s coaches if you are planning to race in this qualifier so that we can do an adequate job staffing it.

Upcoming events:

Ski racing 101 informational session:

 I am working with a few people, including the school and the ski shop to put together an informational question and answer session for any of those families that may be new to this “ski racing thing”.  This session will be designed to give you the chance to get more in depth information on equipment needs, USSA membership requirements and how to sign up for races.   This session is a great chance for you to bring up questions that you may have,  but aren’t sure who to ask.   I’m planning on hosting this in the Competition Center next Saturday morning.  

Introduction to ski tuning:

Along with the informational session, I’d like to offer a ski tuning workshop on that same day.  The plan is to go over basic edge tuning with files and stones.  I will also go over some basic waxing technique along with scraping and brushing the bases.  I know there are a lot of you that already know how to tune your athlete’s skis, but many don’t.  This will not be an advanced tuning session.  This is intended to introduce you to the basics and help give you the confidence to keep your athlete’s skills sharp and fast.  Space is limited in the Competition Center, so I will need to have an idea on numbers.  If you would like to attend, please let me know ASAP, so that we can plan space.  If the numbers are really big, we may head down to CVA and use the cafeteria.

A word from your coaches:

U8’s and U10’s:

The U-8’s had a great weekend.  Even with the cold weather, they managed to stay warm enough to get in some good skiing and training.  The athletes continue to ski the mountain and work with their coaches on Skills Quest drills.  This past Sunday we started our “Mountain Challenge”.  The U-8’s, 10’s and 12’s will be skiing every trail, nook and cranny on this mountain by the end of February.  There will be several Skills Quest drills on various trails that will need to be completed as part of the challenge.  There will be a list of the trails and skills pinned up on the board in the comp center.    Slalom skis for the whole weekend.


We had a great weekend as we continued to work hard even through the cold weather.  This weekend we have our first qualifier, a slalom at Saddleback.  Please make sure your athlete is registered for this race.  The link at the top of the newsletter will get you to the registration page.   We will be discussing the details of the event, including when and where to meet, this weekend.  The U-12’s will be joining the 8’s and 10’s in this season’s Mountain Challenge.  This will ensure that every athlete gets a chance to ski each and every trail on Sugarloaf and do some Skills Quest drills on many of them as well.

Scott Cushing

Team U14

Thanks for a great weekend! Our GS training Block went off without a hitch. We ended up really pushing the gate volume this weekend with courses on Comp. Hill, Kangaroo and Lower Gauge. By pushing the volume we were able to asses each athlete and give some personal directives that we would like to see each kid focus on. As we have told all of the U14’s we can set courses and talk technique all day but it is up to them to incorporate their learning into their skiing. Gate training is only part of the equation and we pushed the kids’ limits technically and physically this weekend. 

Overriding Themes:

  • Athletic Stance (Platform)
  • Fore and aft Balance
    • Hands up and forward and pressure in the front of the boot
  • Movement in Transition
    • Moving up/through and over the new outside ski in order to engage the tip at the top of the turn
  • Upper and lower body Separation
    • Shoulders Parallel to the snow and Pinching the ribs to hip

We did and have been doing fundamentals drills all season that can help with all of these points. The place to practice fundamentals however, is outside of gates. That is why we have spent so much time building toward more gate training.  So we are encouraging athletes to focus on their personal work and trust that with the work the success in gates will come. I cannot stress this enough. Great skiers make great racers, be patient and do the work, You have the tools.
Moving forward, SL Camp this week and SL Training Block this weekend. The weather looks great for training straight through the SL Qualifier on the 19th at Saddleback. Sunday afternoon session will be light and if athletes need some extra rest before the qualifier they can take the afternoon session off for recovery.
Wear all SL gear all of the time when we are in SL mode.  Race prep your skis on Sunday night, contact a coach if you have questions. Remember mental and physical prep for the 19th starts now.
Keep up the great work and see you on the hill.


Hi guys,

Thanks for an excellent weekend of training.  It was cold, but productive.  It was good to see some excellent carving with the “outrigger” drill and some rippin’ GS arcs using the “wall” drill.
Looking ahead, we have our first MARA qualifier coming up this Sunday for our USSA athletes at Sunday River.  Please make sure that you are registered for this race.  There is a link in the main body of the newsletter.  In preparation for this race, we will be training GS on Saturday.  Here is the weekend’s schedule:

1/17  AM  GS free ski and drills   PM  GS gates on Narrow Gauge  1/18  AM  Slalom free ski/drills PM  Slalom gates on Comp Hill    1/19  AM  GS gates on Narrow Gauge   PM  GS free ski drills

Josh and I will be going to Sunday River on Sunday.  Please be there by 7:30 am to be ready to head out on the hill by 8:00.  
If you are planning on competing in the Super G here at Sugarloaf on January 22 and 23rd and need skis, please let us know ASAP.  If you have any questions about this event, please let us know via email or in person on Saturday.  

Tune your skis, eat well, sleep and work to get stronger.  See you on Saturday.

Kendall, Josh and Jeff


Now that the season is in full swing we will be working to get you all racing down the hill in preparation of your HS races and the USSA Qualifiers.  This week there is a Sunday River GS Qualifier that we hope you all will attend.  So that we may properly staff please let us know what races you will attending by filling out the following form: CVAWPU18 Race Attendance
Our tentative weekend schedule is:
January 17, Sat, AM GS Free Ski PM GS  Narrow GaugeJanuary 18 , Sun,   AM SL Free SkiPM SL Comp HillJanuary 18, Sunday River GS Q, Please let us know if you will be attendingJanuary 19, Mon AM GS Narrow GaugePM GS Free Ski
Other Important information CVA WP U18 Calendar Link: WPCVAU18 Calendar Remind Sign up link: Join Remind or text @cvaw to 81010CVA WP U18 Race Attendance Link: CVAWPU18 Race Attendance
We encourage all athletes to show up for both the free skiing and the gate training as much as possible.  The free skiing is meant to improve your fundamentals and will help you become a better skier and racer!

Stay Warm and Think Snow!

Your coaches
John, Bob and Len

Have a great weekend and think snow!

David Hamblet

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Manager






January 7, 2014

Alpine Weekend Program families


It has certainly been an amazing start to the ski season.  Mother Nature has helped us for the most part thus far.  She has also played some cruel jokes on us from time to time with ice and rain following some amazing powder skiing.  The snowmaking crews were back at it last week; working hard to deliver some of the snow that we lost due to rain and warmer temperatures.  All of the coaches and athletes in the alpine program worked very hard over the holiday break to move forward with slalom and GS progressions and get ready for the upcoming races.

On Monday, December 29th, we hosted our first KCL of the season.  All the athletes that participated had a great day and lots of fun.  The course on Lower Gauge held up beautifully and it was a fair race course for all.  The teams for future KCL’s are being assembled now and will be ready for the next race on Saturday, January 24th.  If anyone knows of more kids that would like to participate, but weren’t around last week, please contact Noelle Farrington or Laurel Lasher at the comp center.

On Tuesday, December 30th, we hosted the Bill Bousum Memorial GS on Narrow Gauge.  It was fun to watch all the racers, including U10’s, brave the elements and race down over the headwall.  It was a great race, capped by a wonderful awards ceremony in the Competition Center.  We were lucky to have Andrew Willihan announce the awards by age group and talk about the history of the race.  He pointed out the amazing success that some of the past winners have had in the sport of ski racing.  

On a sad note, we had two coaches that were injured over the past week and will not be able to join us on snow for the rest of the season.  Stephanie Conzelman, our Lead U10 and U8 coach, hurt her knee while inspecting the courses for the KCL and Marissa Hanning, another U10 coach broke her lower leg in two spots just this week.  We have made adjustments in the coaching staff to make sure that we have coaches to take over for them while they mend.  Our thoughts are with both of them as we hope for speedy recoveries.  

Upcoming Events:

Looking at our MARA calendar for the next two weekends, we have several upcoming races in different age groups:

January 18th:  Julie Parisien slalom  at Lost Valley(U8’s through U14's)

January 19th:  MARA Qualifier slalom at Saddleback (U12’s  through U14's)

January 18th:  MARA U16 GS Qualifier at Sunday River (Open to U16's and up)

January 20th:  MARA SG training at Sugarloaf  (U16’s and up)

January 21st:  MARA SG Qualifier and Race @ Sugarloaf (U16’s and up)

Training Camps:

CVA will be hosting a slalom camp for U12’s through U16's, January 14-16th.  This camp will focus on slalom progressions with a strong emphasis on proper body position, stance and technique.  We will progress from free ski drills with use of Skills Quest all the way up to full courses with tall gates.  Athletes will be expected to bring all slalom gate protection including shin guards, pole guards and chin bars.  Athletes will benefit from the use of video analysis during on hill sessions.  This is an awesome opportunity for your athlete to get a jump on the competition as we move into our first qualifiers of the season.   Please be sure to register online at:                                                         



It really bothers me to have to bring up this next topic, but it definitely needs to be addressed.  After the Bill Bousum last Tuesday, the Sugarloaf Ski Club was very nice to allow us to hold the awards ceremony inside, on the first floor of the Competition Center.  I know it can get a little crowded in there during these events and it can be tough to keep an eye on your athlete(s), but the mess that was left behind is inexcusable.   After the awards were finished and everyone had left the building I went back inside and found a complete mess!  Trash was left on and under every table.  There were swizzle stick wrappers all  over the floor and in general the place was a complete mess!  I personally spent 10 minutes with Lori Steeves, one of the very generous volunteers, cleaning up after your kids and perhaps you.  This is just not acceptable!  Please be courteous and clean up after yourselves and make sure your kids clean up as well.  For those families that utilize the Comp Center for lunches on the weekends, I ask that you make sure that your tables are clean and there is not any trash left on the floor when you are finished.  There is a trash can and recycling bin by the door as you walk out.  Please utilize them.  I have been told that if it is ever left like that again, we will not have any other awards ceremonies inside.

Behavior on the slopes and on the lifts:


For the most part, I would say that we had a very successful holiday break.  I understand it can be a little difficult for our athletes to get all the training that they want and need with the crowds taking up so much space.  We have to make sure that all of our athletes understand how important it is to maintain a good relationship with the mountain.  In order to accomplish this we need to understand that the mountain is made up of many parts.  The lift attendants, safety services and other staff are just the start.  The general public is another very big part of the mountain.  It is so important that all of us appear as model skiers to the public.  We often ski too close to them and even though we are in control, they don’t realize this.  I’m just asking you as parents, to talk to your athletes again about the importance of always being polite and courteous while at the mountain.  They need to treat the lift attendants with the utmost respect as well as all safety service personnel.   Make sure they understand that slow skiing signs and family skiing areas need to be observed.  Most of our athletes and all of our coaches have CVA patches on their jackets which make us that much more visible to everyone else on the mountain.  We have plenty of places where we can let go and ski as fast as we want or can, but that needs to happen in the proper places.

In the ski racing world:


As many of you may know, the U.S. Ski Team and the world of ski racing lost two very promising and inspiring young racers on Monday.  Two members of the U.S. Development team were tragically killed in an avalanche while freeskiing in Austria.  Ronnie Berlack of Franconia, NH and Burke Mt. Academy and Bryce Astle of Utah had their young lives cut short by an avalanche while skiing at Soelden.  Below is a link to an article written by Dr. Jim Taylor, which does an amazing job putting this tragedy and ski racing in perspective.  I hope you take the time to read it and get some meaning out of it.

News from our age groups:

U8’s and U10's:

The first KCL was, for many, their first organized race and everyone did great!  The athletes have done a lot of free skiing to focus on some of the Skills Quests drills.  These drills will help create good ski habits and instill sound fundamentals.  On January 18th, Lost Valley Ski Area will be hosting the Julie Parisian race.  This is a non - USSA sanctioned event so U8’s are able to,and encouraged to, participate.

I plan on communicating each week, by Wednesday, what the plan for the upcoming weekend will be and any races that you should be registering your athlete(s) for.  On a sad note, Stephanie Conzelman and Marissa Hanning have both gone down with season ending injuries and will not be able to join us on skis for the rest of the season.  I will be heading up both the U8/U10 program as well as the U12’s.  Erica Luce has joined the staff at the U10 level to help fill the void left by Stephanie and Marissa.  Erica brings several years of coaching experience and a strong racing background.  She understands the importance of good ski fundamentals and Skills Quest.  

Scott Cushing


After a great couple of weeks of skiing and training, we are back to school and work.   For this coming weekend we will be focusing on GS skiing and progressions.  In order to maximize training opportunities, we may be sharing some hill space with the U14’s.   Please bring everything you may need to be able to train full GS panels this weekend.

Our first qualifier of the season is on January 19th at Saddleback and it is a slalom.   We will be focusing on slalom training next weekend.  For those who would like to get some extra slalom training before the qualifier, there is a slalom camp at Sugarloaf, January 14-16.  For more information, click on the link in the main body of the newsletter.

At some point in the near future, we will be setting up some Skills Quest stations and run the athletes through them with evaluators.  With this format, we can better evaluate each athlete’s strong and weak spots.  We can then come up with a plan to focus on making all areas stronger.

As always, please let me, or any of the other coaches, know if you have any questions or concerns.

Scott Cushing


I hope you have all recovered from the Holidays and are settled back into reality.  We have a busy schedule coming up as we approach the first qualifier of the season at Saddleback on January 19th.  

This upcoming weekend we will be working on a GS training block.  Please make sure that skis are sharp and waxed.  Just in case we experience any issues with weather and/ or lifts, please have slalom skis and gear ready.  We will do our best to try to anticipate any issues and give you as much notice of any changes as possible.   Here is our tentative schedule for the weekend:

Saturday, Jan 10th:

.  AM GS fundamentals

. PM  GS Gates

Sunday, Jan 11th:

. AM GS Gates. PM GS Free SkiPlease keep in mind that there are CVA training days on Fridays and there is a three day slalom camp next week from the 14th-16th at Sugarloaf.  If you are interested in this camp or want more information, contact me or our program manager, Dave Hamblet

Lester Spear


Hi Guys,

Thanks for a great vacation week!  We really made significant strides thanks to your attentiveness and sustained efforts.  It was nice to end the week on some new snow...and it came before the big freeze arrived.  Excellent work by everyone!

Looking ahead, this weekend we will be training slalom on Saturday afternoon and GS on Sunday morning.  Please be certain your skis are tuned and ready to roll.  You also need your bodies and minds ready for the upcoming weekend.  Please be sure to get plenty of rest, eat well and hydrate!  This is especially important with the very cold temperatures that we are experiencing.  Please remember to do your “pistols” and any other exercises that will build strength and balance.

Make sure you are staying on top of the race schedule posted on the MARA Site:  For those of you that are interested, the Sugarloaf SG will be happening on January 20th (training) and January 21st (race day).  The 2014/15 equipment rules for U16 athletes is listed on the MARA site.  If you have any questions regarding ski specs, please shoot me an email.  We may also be able to help you find some SG skis for that week.

Thanks and have a great rest of your week.

Jeff Beauregard


I hope everyone has adjusted to work and school after a fun week of skiing.  You all made great progress over the vacation week, lets keep up the good work!  With no races scheduled for this weekend, we are splitting training so that we get time on both slalom and GS skis.  This should help prepare everyone for the USSA and High School race schedules.

Our tentative schedule is as follows:

January 10, Saturday, slalom free ski AM, slalom gates PM

January 11, Sunday,  GS gates AM, GS freeski PM

Please note that the above information has been published on our weekend calendar which can be found at the following link:

We will also be using Remind, which is a group text service.  To subscribe, please text @CVAW to 81010.  This is a one way text service which you must subscribe to to get updates.  This will be used in case we have a last minute change in venue or training discipline.

Our next race will be a GS at Sunday River on January 18, 2015.  Please let us know if you will be attending so we can staff the race appropriately. We encourage all athletes to show up for both the free skiing and gate training times as much as possible.  The free skiing is meant to improve your fundamentals and will help you become better skiers and ski racers!

Stay warm and think snow!

Your Coaches;

John, Bob and Len



Hope you all have a great week!


Dave Hamblet

Alpine Weekend Program Manager




December 10, 2014

Alpine Weekend Program Families


want to thank everyone for making the start to the new season such a great success!   We had a great turnout on opening day  in the King Pine Room where families showed great patience in getting all paperwork filed with the proper persons.   I had the opportunity to meet a lot of our families and of course lots of athletes.  Our coaches and I will be working hard over the next couple of weekends to make sure that athletes are in proper groups and everyone is fitting in and having a great time.

We were very fortunate to have such great conditions for our first two weekends.  Sugarloaf has been hard at work making snow and grooming to ensure that the mountain is in tip top condition.  This along with all the natural snow we’ve gotten recently has made for some spectacular skiing.

During orientation weekend, coaches all had the opportunity to go on snow and work with the CVA coaches to see what the “Big Dogs” are all working on.  Several of the coaches from CVA ran us through drills and progressions that they had worked on with the U.S. Ski Team in June.  All of these drills are based on Skills Quest.  We were all challenged and quickly saw the  benefits of these drills and how much they will improve our skiing.  We can’t wait to share all these with the WP athletes and get them moving in some new and positive ways.

Gate Training VS Fundamentals

Over the years there has been a lot of discussion about how much time athletes should spend in gates relative to overall skiing time.  USSA has developed a matrix  to help address  just that discussion.

There are still lots of people, parents in particular, that feel if an athlete isn’t skiing in gates, then he/she is not getting any coaching.  We at CVA and the CVA Weekend Program feel this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  All ski racers need to first develop  fundamentals;  body position,  proper ski engagement,  and turn shape skills,  in order to be good in gates.  Contrary to some beliefs, it takes a lot more coaching skill and effort to help athletes master the fundamentals than it does to set a course and have athletes run gates all day.  While running gates definitely has its place, please be patient with our program and coaches as we spend a lot of time at the beginning of the season going over skills and fundamentals.  As many coaches will say, “you can’t teach good skiing in gates”.  We know that there are a few races coming up over the Holidays, but most of our coaches will be approaching  these more as training opportunities and less as important races.  

Please click on the following link to read an interesting article in this week’s Ski Racing Magazine.  This article is written by a Burke Mt. Academy coach and it addresses the topic of skill development relative to gate training.

Sharp Skis!      

All the WP coaches and I talked last weekend about the importance of athletes being on sharp skis.  As anyone who skis in the East knows, most of the time we are skiing on ice covered by a little snow.  On race days our courses are almost always very hard ice at every gate with a little snow mixed in at just the right ratio to make it extremely slick!
Racing on dull skis is almost impossible and most  parents realize this.  As a result athletes show up to the mountain on race day with nicely tuned and waxed skis.  This, of course is great, but please don’t forget about practice days.  All too often edges and bases are neglected right up until race day.  Your athlete will struggle and become frustrated  during practices if their skis are not sharp ALL THE TIME!  To give you an analogy; you wouldn’t send your athlete out on a soccer pitch with a flat ball and shoes that don’t have any cleats left on them and expect he/she to get much out of practice.  We are not telling you that you have to bring your skis to the shop several times a week, but if you don’t have the space at home or the knowledge to tune them yourself, a trip to shop once a week is a great idea.  Most shops will set up a seasonal tune for you at a very reduced rate and your athlete will be skiing on sharp skis all winter.

If you want to learn more about tuning skis at home, but find shopping for the proper tuning equipment daunting, please don’t hesitate to talk to your athlete’s coaches.  Most of us know a lot about tuning skis and can guide you in the right direction to obtaining all the essential tools.

We are all looking forward to yet another great weekend on snow with the kids.  Sugarloaf just received another healthy dose of snow this week and the trails are in great shape.  See you on the slopes!

David Hamblet

CVA Alpine Program Manager



November 19, 2014

Dear CVA Alpine Weekend Program families, 

I want to take a few moments to welcome many new families to our program. We have had a successful fall registration period capped by a great ski sale on October 11th at the AGC. I had the chance to talk to several new families and their young athletes and answer lots of questions. We are looking forward to a great season ahead, and here is a chance for me to remind you of some upcoming events and to convey some important information about our program.

It’s not too late to sign up for the Weekend Program.

Although the deadline to get the discounted price for our Alpine Weekend Program has passed, it’s not too late to sign up. We are still taking more athletes in each age group. The price for the complete program is $1475.00. Beginning September 1, 2014, all payments for the CVA Weekend Program will be processed through the new CVA Payment Portal ( The link to the portal is also located on the CVA website homepage as well as on the CVA Weekend Program registration page. Please be aware that the published price for the CVA Weekend Program is a cash discounted price for payment by eChecks (ACH) or paper check. Credit card payments are at a non-discounted price (2.75% above the discounted price).

Remember to sign up your U-14 and younger athletes for the Kristen Clark league when filling out the registration paperwork. The KCL is a fun series of races right at Sugarloaf for our younger athletes. Athletes from U8-U14 compete in a team format on a variety of different courses. The race series begins in January and runs through mid-March and doesn’t cost any extra. 

Opening weekend and other topics

The opening weekend for the 2014/2015 CVA Weekend Program is November 29-30. We will be set up in the King Pine room of the main base lodge on Saturday from 8:00-9:00am to handle last minute registrations and paperwork, including payments. There will also be a WP social that Saturday evening; location and times to follow. 

Remember to get your season passes for Sugarloaf Mt. The prices for passes went up slightly after October 15. However, when comparing the price of a pass to buying a ticket every weekend, it’s still quite a bargain. Follow this link to Sugarloaf Mt. to see pricing on passes: Make sure you look at the different passes available to the different age groups and state residents.

At this point, we have a lot of families that have registered for the Weekend Program, but not all have paid. You can pay for the WP on opening weekend, however it could occupy a lot of your morning. I strongly suggest that you save a lot of time standing in line and either put a check in the mail or visit the CVA e-payment portal soon. Remember that all registrations must be paid in full before your athlete(s) will be allowed to go on snow with a coach. 

I’ve been told that quite a few registrations have come in that don’t have a Waiver and Release of Liability form. If you don’t have the form, click on this link: Please make sure that both the participant section and the parent/guardian section are completed. If you would like your family information listed in the CVA family directory, remember to check the box in the bottom left corner of page 2.

Equipment needs and other useful information

I have had several questions lately concerning equipment.USSA has general guidelines for each age group along with minimum ski length requirements for certain age groups. For our younger athletes, U-8’s and U-10’s, it’s important to get a  pair of skis that measure somewhere from your athlete’s chin to eyes. Look for a good junior slalom or multi-event ski at your local ski shop or visit the Downhill Supply Company at Sugarloaf where their team of experts can help you size a pair of skis and boots for your athlete. More advanced 2nd year U-10’s can entertain the idea of a pair of GS skis, but should talk to their head coach or me before buying anything. 

USSA ski recommendations and guidelines: 

The USSA website is a very useful and informative website that puts a lot of information right at your fingertips. Take some time and explore the site. If there is anything that you are looking for, just type in the keywords in the search box in the upper right hand corner of each page. There are great videos on ski racing and tips on off season conditioning drills as well. 

I’m looking forward to a great season and I hope you all are as well! Sugarloaf was open this past Saturday and Sunday and the conditions were quite good for early season. With the continued cold that they are forecasting for the upcoming week, the snowmakers should be able to get several more trails opened. The conditions for our opening weekend are looking to be very good!


David Hamblet

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Manager



October 30, 2014

Dear CVA Alpine Weekend Program Families,

CVA Alpine has returned from Austria and had a very successful trip.  They brought back snow with them, as we are expected to have a large storm come into the North East next weekend.  As the days grow shorter and colder, winter will be here before we know it.  Below are a few things we wanted to touch base on.

CVA WP Registration:

Our Alpine Weekend Program is still open for registration.  Please see the link to register: 

CVA Team Jackets:

Please see the link below for ordering information about team jackets.  Any questions about ordering or selections please contact Micki Cota at 

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Fall Training Camp: Mammoth California November 14-19th

CVA WP Alpine is holding our first WP fall training camp.  CVA and Mammoth Mountain, CA, have built a strong relationship to support our athletes with world class training and accommodations during our shoulder seasons.  This camp is designed for early season training and fundamentals before the ski season begins.  For more information please see this link: or contact David Hamblet at 

Maine Alpine Racing Association has posted the racing calendar for the year.  

To view the calendar and get familiar with their website please visit:

If you have not registered for USSA please see this link:

Remember that October 15th is the deadline to register. After October 15th you will have to pay a late fee!   


Here is to a great season! 

David Hamblet

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Manager


October 9, 2014

Dear CVA Alpine Weekend Program Families, 

Homecoming weekend is here!  This means another season is upon us and we are gearing up for skiing.

It is also time for a few reminders and updates:

October 11th 2014: CVA Ski Sale at the Anti-Gravity Complex

Recognized as New England’s best ski sale and a staple for Sugarloaf Homecoming Weekend, this sale is an opportunity to sell your used ski equipment and find last minute used deals.  Another great time to see CVA coaches/staff, and old friends.  

October 13th 2014: Last day to receive early season discount for CVA Weekend Program.  

Here is the link to register: 

Message from the CVA Business Office:

Beginning September 1, 2014, all payments for the CVA Weekend Program will be processed through the new CVA Payment Portal (  The link to the portal is also located on the CVA website homepage as well as on the CVA Weekend Program registration page.  Please be aware that the published price for the CVA Weekend Program is a cash discounted price for payment by eChecks (ACH).  Credit card payments are at a non-discounted price (2.75% above the discounted price).  

This year there is only one price for all participants: $1,475.  A preseason price of $1,400 is available for payments made on or before Monday, October 13, 2014. At that time, all payments revert to the regular price of $1,475.  Please make sure you process your payment promptly this year if you wish to take advantage of the discount as there will be no exceptions made after October 13th. 

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Fall Training Camp: Mammoth California November 14-19th

CVA WP Alpine is holding our first WP fall training camp.  CVA and Mammoth Mountain, CA, have built a strong relationship to support our athletes with world class training and accommodations during our shoulder seasons.  This camp is designed for early season training and fundamentals before the ski season begins.  For more information please see this link: or contact David Hamblet at 

A reminder to all about our new programs this winter.   

CVA WP Alpine will be offering the following programs:

U8- This program is designed for 2nd year U8’s, who are 7 years old,  and with the year of birth of 2007.  This is a fundamental skill based program with a strong sense of community.  U8’s will work on USSA based drills, free skiing with a purpose, and learning how to be a true Sugarloafer.  CVA and Sugarloaf have produced some of the best athletes in the world.  They all started as passionate young skiers who loved to ski, and ski well.  If your son or daughter wants to be a part of a program that instills a love for the sport, be a part of an intimate team atmosphere with quality instruction, then CVA Alpine WP U8 program is the program for you.  For more information please contact David Hamblet at 

10 and 20  Day Punch Pass-  High school athletes grade 9-12 can access 10 or 20 days of training with our CVA WP coaches.  This program is designed for the high school skier who wishes to train on an unbelievable mountain with dedicated coaches and athletes.  The athlete can use the punch pass to fit their schedule.  Training is communicated and managed by our CVA Punch Pass coach Len Saulter. For more information please contact David Hamblet at

Note from the coaches at CVA: 

It can be stressful getting equipment ready for the season.  What size? What brand? How many? How much? Where do I go?  All these questions can be answered by contacting the staff at CVA and DownHill Supply Company (DHSC).  Steve Niezgoda and his staff at the DHSC can support race equipment ordering and sizing.  They are a full service shop with friendly staff and they take the time to get you the right information.  DHSC has invested in a new Wintersteiger Ski Tuning Machine.  They also have installed a new infrared wax machine. Their staff has been working hard to develop the best package available for your athlete.  Feel free to visit them on Main Street at Sugarloaf. If you have any questions about your athlete’s equipment feel free to contact David Hamblet at and he can put you in touch with with staff at the Downhill Supply Company! 

CVA Team Jackets:

Please see the link below for ordering information about team jackets.  Any questions about ordering or selections please contact Micki Cota at 

Maine Alpine Racing Association has posted the racing calendar for the year.  

To view the calendar and get familiar with their website please visit:


If you have not registered for USSA please see this link:

Remember that October 15th is the deadline to register. After October 15th you will have to pay a late fee!   


Here is to a great season! 

David Hamblet

CVA Alpine Weekend Program Manager

September 18, 2014


Dear CVA Alpine Weekend Program Families,


The weather at Sugarloaf is getting colder.  It is an amazing time of the year watching the leaves turn and thinking of the winter to come.  


This is a quick reminder about the upcoming season.  Here are some dates and information that are very important.


September 20th 2014: CVA Fit Day 8am-12pm at the Anti-Gravity Complex

**This is a very important day to talk with ski companies, national race directors, talk with CVA coaches, see old friends, and make sure you head into the season with the right gear.


October 11th 2014: CVA Ski Sale at the Anti-Gravity Complex

**Recognized as New England’s best ski sale and a staple for Sugarloaf Homecoming Weekend, this sale is an opportunity to sell your used ski equipment and find last minute used deals.  Another great time to see CVA coaches/staff, and old friends.  


October 13th 2014: Last day to get the CVA WP Early Season Discount


November 14th-19th: CVA Weekend Program Mammoth Camp.  This camp is designed for early season fundamentals and terrain. Train with our CVA Weekend Program Manager and staff and ski one of the most renowned West coast mountains for terrain.  We will be staying at the Mammoth Mountain Inn at the base of Mammoth Mountain where it is a short walk to the lift.  For more information contact David Hamblet at or visit


November 29th: First Day of CVA Alpine Weekend Program

**The season begins and each athlete and coach start working together to help the athlete become the best that they can be. Go Dogs Go!


Registration is open and families are signing up daily.  Please see our website link below to register for this upcoming season.


This year we are offering the 20 day punch pass to U16-U21 high school athletes for $1000.00.  We are also offering a 10 day punch pass to U16-21 high school athletes for $750.00.  


The newest program is the CVA Alpine WP U8 program.  This program is designed for 2nd year U8’s, who are 7 years old,  and with the year of birth of 2007.  This is a fundamental skill based program with a strong sense of community.  U8’s will work on USSA based drills, free skiing with a purpose, and learning how to be a true Sugarloafer.  CVA and Sugarloaf have produced some of the best athletes in the world.  They all started as passionate young skiers who loved to ski, and ski well.  If your son or daughter wants to be a part of a program that instills a love for the sport, be a part of an intimate team atmosphere with quality instruction, then CVA Alpine WP U8 program is the program for you.


For more information on USSA based programming, please feel free to vist this link:


David Hamblet

CVA Weekend Program Manager


Message from the CVA Business Office:

Beginning September 1, 2014, all payments for the CVA Weekend Program will be processed through the new CVA Payment Portal (  The link to the portal is also located on the CVA website homepage as well as on the CVA Weekend Program registration page.  Please be aware that the published price for the CVA Weekend Program is a cash discounted price for payment by eChecks (ACH).  Credit card payments are at a non-discounted price (2.75% above the discounted price).  

This year there is only one price for all participants: $1,475.  A preseason price of $1,400 is available for payments made on or before Monday, October 13, 2014. At that time, all payments revert to the regular price of $1,475.  Please make sure you process your payment promptly this year if you wish to take advantage of the discount as there will be no exceptions made after October 13th.


If you have any questions, concerns, or problems with the portal, please contact CVA’s business office:

Sue Howe, 207-237-4459,  or Steve Sitz, 207-237-4460,

August 31, 2014


Dear CVA Alpine Weekend Program Families,


I know that at the beginning of a new school year you have a lot on your minds and plates.  However, the new ski season is just around the corner and, as we gear up for another great year, we want to share some information with you.


First,  I can’t begin to express how excited I am to have joined the CVA community and to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of educators, coaches, athletes and families.  Each time I drive into CVA’s parking lot and look up at Sugarloaf’s trails, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.  It is an honor to have the chance be a part of such a great organization.  


Just a reminder that registration for the 2014/2015 Weekend Program is now open on the CVA website:  Sign up early and take advantage of the discount before the rates go up on October 14.  You must fill out an individual registration for each of your athletes.  When registering your athlete(s), remember also to print out a waiver form for each and fill in all the necessary information.  These waivers must be completed along with the registrations.  


Over the past few months I’ve had the chance to spend some quality time with Andrew Willihan,  Mike Savage and some others to start shaping this year’s WP; and its shaping up splendidly.   CVA athletes and coaches had two epic camps out at Mt. Hood in June and August.  Everyone came home very excited about some new drills they learned and some amazing overall improvements in skiing and balance.  All this information will be shared with and implemented by the Weekend Program staff this season.


We have a great trip planned to Mammoth Mt in California in November which will be open to WP U12 to U16 athletes.  We will also hold 4 other training camps that will take place at Sugarloaf during the course of the season.  Nine CVA Training days will be held on Fridays during the course of the year.  These are the old “bonus Friday’s”, that give your athlete(s) the chance to get that extra training with CVA coaches.


Looking ahead, don’t forget about our CVA Rep Day on Saturday, September 20th from 8:00am - 12:00 pm at the AGC.  This is a great chance to meet with some coaches and equipment reps to see what’s new out there and to measure your athlete(s) for skis, boots and poles.  With the ever-changing rules in ski lengths being implemented by FIS and USSA,  that day is a great chance for you to talk to knowledgeable people in the field that can help answer most, if not all, of your questions.  


I’m looking forward to meeting everyone this season. Think snow!


David Hamblet

CVA Weekend Program Manager

August 13, 2014


Dear CVA Alpine Weekend Program Families,


Wishing you all a wonderful end to the summer! What a summer it has been with the crazy

thunderstorms, hot days, cool days, and more.  Summer is a great time to get out, play, and be an athlete.  


I am writing to let you  know of an upcoming change.  Our U14 and Bridge programs at the Academy have grown and are in need of full time coach. Consequently,  I am moving from the position of Weekend Program manager to take the reigns of these programs at CVA.   The CVA WP will always have a very special place in my heart as it is where I found my love of ski racing and coaching. Thank you for all of your support over the past two years.


We have hired a new Weekend Program manager, David Hamblet.  David is from Gunstock Ski Club where he was the Head U14 coach, an active member of the club board, and a parent of two aspiring alpine athletes.  Some of you may know his wife, Beth, from the Piche event  and other races, as  she has been the race secretary for Gunstock Ski Club for many years.  David brings with him many years of experience as a coach, business owner, and parent. He will report directly to Mike Savage, CVA Alpine Program Director.


Please join me in welcoming David. He will send out his first newsletter in a few weeks to introduce himself and provide information about the upcoming season.  Please feel free to contact him at


Here’s to a great season and I am sure I will see you on the hill!


Andrew Willihan ‘02

Head U14 Alpine Coach

Carrabassett Valley Academy

Upcoming Events:

September 20th CVA Rep Day at AGC from 8:00AM-12:00PM


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Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947


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