Foreign Language

The foreign language curriculum is designed to provide students with progressive skills in French or Spanish. In this department, we cover a broad range of language concepts including grammar, vocabulary and culture. Concepts are practiced through varied reading, listening, speaking, and writing activities. Students demonstrate comprehension through class discussion, projects, compositions, workbook assignments, presentations, quizzes and tests. Each curriculum is interactive and varied, with class time focusing on a diverse collection of activities to practice and master fundamental knowledge while continually advancing to higher levels of skill in the language.

Beginning in the first levels, we emphasize mastery and proficiency of basic concepts through repetition of fundamental skills. Students are challenged to develop comfort with fundamental language skills to then move toward building a more advanced comprehension. Over the course of four (or five) years this department endeavors to cultivate students’ proficiency and comfort with the language through consistent review and progressively challenging skills. Low student-faculty ratios in class allow faculty to engage students in learning suited toward each style of learning through reading, writing, conversing, and varied projects.

This department places high priority on enriching the knowledge of cultural by exposing students to a variety of authentic materials from the specific language-speaking countries. In combination with language study, students gain awareness of their own as well as foreign cultures through varied activities including research, videos, presentations, readings, etc. Each cultural activity is aimed at providing students with context for their learning as well as exposure to different civilizations, customs, lifestyles and ideas. Students are encouraged to compare and contrast different cultural concepts to each other as well as their own.

In this department, students synthesize language concepts through project and other interactive aspects of class. Throughout and upon completion of each unit, students are required to use concepts in a variety of individual as well as group exercises and presentations. Students practice use of concepts in real-life situations, as well as practicing speaking, listening and reading skills.

Using various technological approaches, we strive to provide students with current and accessible means of learning through online and other technology. Students interact in class as well as while traveling through online activities, blogging, homework, research, presentations and specific use of language dictionaries. Technology is also used to enhance classroom learning as well as provide student access to resources and notes through computer programs such as Keynote, Noteshare, etc.

Upon graduation from Carrabassett Valley Academy, students are proficient in reading, writing, and speaking, their language(s). Students obtain comfort and skills of learning a language with in-class teaching as well as gain skills to continue study and learning on their own. Students are prepared to continue further study of language, exposure to culture and greater understanding of their own language through their studies of foreign language.


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