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Wilderness Advanced First Aid Course (WAFA)

An entry-level course designed for professionals working in significantly remote settings for days or weeks. 

Wilderness Advanced First Aid is comprehensive medical training designed for remote professionals or wilderness leaders who venture into remote and challenging environments. Wilderness Medicine differs significantly from standard first aid courses and other training that are oriented toward urban environments. This course teaches how to manage medical emergencies when hospitals and rescue services may not be available for an extensive time period. We prepare students for emergency situations that involve prolonged patient care, severe environments, and improvised equipment.  Click here for more course info. 

October 17,18,19, 25,26

This class will start on the evening of October 17th and all other dates are full-day classes. 

WAFA to WFR Bridge Course  

The WAFA to WFR Bridge course upgrades the Wilderness Advanced First Aid to a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) in 4 days. This course must be taken within 3 years of receiving the WMA International WAFA certification or an equivalent from another provider. The WFR is the definitive medical training course for all outdoor professionals and enthusiasts. This course may be used as a recertification for those holding a current WFR certification or equivalent from another provider whose original WFR training was at least 64 hours in length. Current WMA International Wilderness EMTs may also use this course to recertify the wilderness portion of their certification. Click here for more course info. 

November 7, 8, 9, 22, 23

This class will start on the evening of November 7th and all other dates are full-day classes.

You may register for both WAFA and Bridge course combined to provide WFR certification. $545.00



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